Always Have a Charged Device with a Portable Power Bank

For anyone who is always using their smartphone or other mobile devices, it is important to make sure you always have an adequate charge to get through the day. Power banks can help provide a sense of security and ensure you always have a backup power for your device. eBay has a wide selection of these useful devices to choose from, and the following tips can help you choose what's right for you.

What does the mAh number on the power bank mean?

mAh is a measure of a battery's capacity, or how much charge it can hold. A bigger mAh means you can charge larger devices like tablets or even charge your phone multiple times before needing to recharge the power bank itself. However, the larger the battery capacity, the more expensive the device will be, so be sure to evaluate how much power you really need to have. Make sure to check the mAh capacity of the device you will be charging, like a smartphone, to ensure the power bank can provide sufficient charge and to see if you can charge your device multiple times. For example, the Apple iPhone 6 has a battery capacity of 1,810 mAh and a Samsung Galaxy has a capacity of 3,000 mAh.

What special features should you look for?

Every power bank will come with at least one USB port to plug in the charging cable of your device. Most simple models end there, however some models also provide extra features. Here are the most common features you might want to consider when looking for a power bank:

  • Built-in charging cables for iPhone or micro USB
  • Multiple USB ports to charge more than one device at once
  • Indicator lights to monitor the charge remaining on the power bank
  • Flashlight, especially on more rugged models designed for camping
  • Solar panels are less common but are offered on some camping models
How long does it take to charge a power bank?

Charging time for the power bank itself depends on the specific model and its mAh capacity. Most power banks can be charged using a wall outlet. This is generally faster than charging using a USB input from a computer or laptop device, although most power banks support this form of charging as well. Always make sure to charge a brand-new bank before using it for the first time to get maximum output from your battery.