Meguiars Automotive Wash, Wax, and Cleaning Kits

Meguiar’s produces a wide assortment of automotive cleaning products suitable for removing the grime from your car at work, at home, or as a part of a professional care routine. Here are some questions that may come up when youre making a selection.

What types of Meguiar’s kits are available?

Meguiar’s has many different kit options available. They include:

  • Correction system - This kit is designed to help remove light to moderate scratches from your car while also adding a protective layer of wax. The starter kit includes both a cutting and a polishing pad along with the buffing tool to apply the correcting formula and wax. This can be a good option if you’re looking for a detailing kit.
  • Complete car care kit - Meguiar’s produces several types of complete kits that allow you to clean and polish the interior and exterior of your car. These will often include wax protection, cleaners like Ultimate Wash, shampoo, foaming spray, and tools needed to wash and clean your car.
  • Professional kits - These will often contain cleaner, conditioner, and wax in bulk. This can be helpful if you provide detailing and car wash services to customers. These kits will also contain polishing equipment and other tools designed for business use. They come with names like Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo.
What is the difference between the various Meguiar’s waxes?

Meguiar’s offers different types of waxes for use in your car. Understanding the benefits of each one can be helpful when you need to make a choice.

  • Liquid wax is designed to be easier to apply to your vehicle. If you’re protecting a newer vehicle, liquid wax tends to be gentler on your finish since less effort is required to apply the liquid.
  • Paste wax is a denser, more compact formula with many of the same components of liquid wax. If your paint is dull or weathered, the extra work needed to apply and buff the paint can help remove dirt and dust embedded in the paint.
  • Synthetic polymers and natural wax. Meguiar’s offers a natural or carnauba wax, called Ultimate Wax, that can be helpful if you want a deeper finish and a glossy shine to your car. Premium carnauba wax requires more frequent applications than synthetic options. The synthetic formula will provide a durable layer to protect the paint.
How do you choose Meguiar’s discs and pads?

Meguiar’s offers a series of buffing pads that can aid in polishing your finish. Here are some tips that can help you make a selection.

  • Choose a material. The main types used are foam, microfiber, and wool. For foam, stiffer pads can be used for removing surface defects while softer foam is better for finishes. Microfiber in general will be more aggressive in removing surface defects and can vary with materials. Wool can be another option and works similarly to microfiber.
  • Choose a style. Cutting or compounding pads will be for removing defects. Finishing or buffing pads will be helpful for applying the finish once the surface has been prepared.
  • Choose a size. If you’re using a buffer, you will want to select a size that will match the equipment or utilize a backing plate to attach a different size.
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