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Zoya Nail Polish

Nail polish is a product that can be applied to your nails to give them color or shine. Zoya nail polish is known for its 10 Free formulation, which means that it is toxin-free and free of many chemicals and additives, including toluene and formaldehyde. This brand of nail polish has a full palette of colors and finishes to choose from.

What are the types of Zoya nail polish?

The Zoya nail polish collection has a variety of polishes and nail care products to choose from, including:

  • Nail treatments: Nail treatments are base coats that are designed to deliver nutrients to the nails and help them get stronger and healthier.
  • Natural 3: The Natural 3 Zoya collection is a series of subdued, matte colors.
  • Sophisticates: Zoya Sophisticates is a collection featuring deep, rich colors, and metallic finishes.
  • Wanderlust: The Zoya Wanderlust nail polish series features bright, vibrant colors.
  • Charming: Zoya Charming is a collection of rich metallic hues.
  • Base coat: The clear Zoya base coat serves as an anchor and helps the color of the top coat to pop.
  • Perfector: Perfector is a formula that acts as a treatment to help the nail polish last longer.
  • Gift sets: Gift sets of Zoya polish include a base coat, treatment, and one or more polish colors.
How do you choose Zoya nail polish?

When choosing a Zoya nail polish, you might consider your nail health, style, and color preferences. Use these guidelines for selecting a polish for your nails.

  • Select a type: Damaged nails may benefit from a Zoya natural nail polish to treat imperfections. Healthy nails could use any of the Zoya brands, such as PixieDust, Naked, or Shimmer.
  • Choose a color: Zoya polishes are available in white, black, neutral shades, and the full color spectrum. For natural nails, choose a clear coat polish.
  • Select a finish: Select from matte, satin, metallic, glittery, or shimmering options.
How many coats of Zoya nail polish should you apply?

The number of coats you need to apply depends on the condition of your fingernails and the look that you want to achieve. Nail polish should be applied to clean, dry, smooth nails. A polish remover can be used to remove any old nail polish before applying a new color. A base coat helps the nail polish last longer. After applying a base coat, allow it to dry for about five minutes. One coating of nail polish is usually enough. Zoya's thick nail polish is designed to provide thorough coverage. A second coat of nail polish color could be applied after the first is dry if you want the color to look more opaque. To extend the wear time, a clear coating of finishing color or a top coat can be applied.