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Walking & Trekking Sticks

Using trekking poles, also known as hiking poles, while walking your favorite wilderness trail is an excellent way to improve your wilderness hiking experience. Trekking poles are not only able to reduce a variety of safety risks, such as slips and falls due to bad footing, they are also a great way to reduce your energy usage so that you can spend more time out on the trail. This combination of factors makes trekking poles a sound choice of equipment.

Why do hikers use walking sticks?

There are a number of good reasons for anyone going on an outdoor hiking expedition to use a walking stick. When hiking, they are an excellent way to maintain balance on uneven terrain. Using a walking stick can give you another 'foothold' to help keep your balance and move around more safely. Hiking sticks also help you to reduce strain on knees and other joints while traveling downhill by giving you something to lean on.

How do you use hiking sticks?

Make sure that you understand the proper methods of use and stick to these guidelines to help ensure that you'll come home from your adventure as healthy as when you left.

  • Adjust the Length: Your hiking sticks should be adjusted so that they are the appropriate size for your body height. Make sure to extend the lower portion of the pole first, so that any necessary field adjustments can be made with the upper section adjuster. The proper length of your poles should have your elbows making approximately a ninety-degree angle with the ground when holding the poles in contact with the ground. Making the pole slightly shorter than this recommended length is an option which can make it easier to move the pole around without bumping into things. It also works well to shorten your poles when you are using them to head up a steep incline and lengthen them slightly on the downhill.
  • Use your Straps Properly: The straps attached to the top of the hiking sticks are there to make it easier to grip the pole while walking. Make sure that your hand is held comfortably by the strap in a position such that you can easily hold the pole in the proper position.
  • Conserve Energy: The main purpose of your trekking poles, other than improving safety, is to reduce the amount of energy that it takes for you to traverse the path you are traveling on. By using short, calculated movements, you can use the hiking poles in such a way as to reduce the demand you are placing on your body, enabling you to conserve your energy while you hike.