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Sony Portable AM/FM Radios

Sony is a manufacturer that makes a variety of portable radio types. Some of these models include FM portable radios with headphones while others are portable radios with speakers.

What types of Sony portable radio models are available?
  • Portable radio – An FM Sony radio is typically portable. They often hook up to your pocket and use a tuning knob and an antenna to find a station. Some have a built-in audio system and a series of speakers that make it unnecessary to use headphones.
  • Pocket radios – Another type of FM Sony radio is a pocket radio. These are one of the smaller radios that are made to fit in a shirt pocket. These audio devices use a built-in antenna and batteries to receive radio transmission. They are portable and pick up many FM stations.
  • Sport radio – This type of Sony radio is usually operated by a battery system. It uses AA batteries to power the radio that captures music on the go. Most of these radio types dont have built-in speakers but focus on earbuds instead.
  • AC power models – Some types of portable Sony FM radios use a rechargeable battery system. This allows you to plug in your radio for recharging and use its tuning powers without AA batteries or any other type of audio or power system.
Are any FM Sony radio types built without speakers?

While most Sony portable radios will come with some speakers, earbuds are often a requirement. Thats because these radio models make way for the tuning knob, antenna, and other control systems.

What models are available?
  • Analog – When it comes to old Sony portable FM radios, analog is most prevalent. The tuning for the analog system is done by turning the dial until you get the station you want. The sound that these models produce is typical of most old-school radios in a car.
  • Digital – Those who want this type of radio typically want one with increased clarity and a display system. Using these systems often requires different types of battery systems and listening devices designed specifically for these portable Sony radios.
Where can portable systems be used?
  • Athletes - A portable radio system can be used while jogging or working out. The smaller devices can be strapped to an arm or carried in a pocket.
  • Office workers – Those who are allowed can listen to music or news at work.
  • Collectors – These electronics can be collected to work with old hardware interior items.
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