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SockGuy, based out of San Diego, has been manufacturing socks in the U.S. since 1996. The SockGuy brand of socks has the goal to provide comfort and durability. To attract attention they use inspiring, witty, amusing, and brightly-colored socks, which come in an assortment of styles to encourage individual expression.

What are cycling socks?

Cycling socks are made specifically for the sport of bicycle riding. They usually have stronger elastic on the cuffs to keep them up even when your legs are pumping and to help keep dirt, grunge, and grease from getting on they. They are often made out of a type of fabric that keeps your temperature comfortable because the fabric is designed to wick away moisture. To encourage you to ride harder, and to showcase your sense of style, they often have interesting graphics, sometimes relating to the performance bike-rider culture. This is the goal of the SockGuy style.

What qualities make them effective for bike riders?

Conceived and designed by a team who are also hard-core bicyclists, runners, and other athletes, SockGuy understands the demands that an athletic performance puts on socks. This translates into all of the company's products having a Stretch-to-Fit sizing system and a unique Easy-Fit cuff to ensure that each individual athlete has the option for different fits. They are made with wicking fiber to keep them drier. They are crafted with a yarn that is soft and therefore is hopefully more comfortable on the hard-pedaling cyclist's feet.

What types of designs are in the SockGuy brand?

Socks can be one way to express individuality, aesthetics, a life philosophy, or a sense of humor. There are an array of colors, sizes, and graphic elements to help each rider find a sock that suits them in fit, feel, and aesthetics. Some examples of the types of graphics available include the following:

  • SockGuy Sasquatch 6-inch wool crew socks
  • People for Bikes Sock

Do these cycling socks come in different styles?

Yes, there are different styles of socks to aid in serious bike riding, such as ankle socks, which come up to just above the ankle, calf socks, which rest at mid-calf, and there are also compression socks, which offer support for the athlete who is recovering or overcoming an injury.

What fabrics are SockGuy cyclist socks made of?

There are a variety of materials that are offered. Some factors to consider when picking your fabric selection: the season you will be wearing them, the terrain, the temperature, the weather conditions, how much you perspire, and your personal preference as regards to the tactile feel of the material. The fabric choices for socks include the following:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Acrylic/Synthetic
  • Nylon
  • Spandex
  • Wool

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