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RCA Audio Splitter Cables

Audio splitter cables are designed with different metal hardware, and each hardware option is designed to produce unique sound frequencies that affect bass and treble. Silver-plated hardware generates bold effects and is suitable for traditional movie sessions, and gold-plated options produce crisp effects that enhance blockbusters. Audio splitter cables are available for many televisions manufactured by popular brands.

What are the specifications for the shortest cords?

The smallest RCA audio cables are 3.5 millimeters and 6 inches long. These products are designed with three components that attach to audio ports. Audio splitters usually have two or more input or output devices to split up the audio signal.

What are the design specs for Blu-ray audio cables?

Audio cords that are designed for super high definition are 3.5mm in diameter and have elements that enhance stereo sound. Some cables for high-definition hardware are designed with a flexible PVC housing. This special material protects the cables by shielding the metal hardware.

What kind of product can isolate sounds?

A cord with a microphone and headphone port is designed to isolate sounds. This kind of cord is 3.3mm and has a port for traditional headphones.

Are cables by RCA durable?

In a high-traffic area, a typical cord can handle normal wear, including being walked on. RCA cords are tough because the 3.5-mm cable has a flat line design, and the thin housing on the cord is designed to avoid tripping someone easily. All audio hardware products are designed with tough housing components that shield the metal audio pieces. Light pressure shouldn't bend the housing because there is metal material underneath the rubber. The main electrical lines are strategically sealed. If someone tugs on a cable, the cord shouldn't detach from the adapter, because the wires are firmly connected to the housing.

What are the specifications for a long cord?

Audio splitter cables come in a variety of lengths, including 50 and 100 feet in length to stretch across a room or to another level in the home. A long RCA cable is convenient because:

  • Teens can use the accessory with a tablet.
  • Kids can use the product with a musical gadget.
  • Families can use the cord with a stereo system.
Are splitter cable options available for a car audio system?

Audio cables for car equipment vary in length and diameter, and many of the available options can be used with a general automotive stereo system. An RCA cable is constructed out of a dense, commercial-grade material, so extreme temperatures that generate in a car cabin should not harm the housing.

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