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Choosing Your Paintballs for Ultimate Fun

So youve got the taste for paintballing and now youre looking to up your game. The markers you receive at your local paintball fields dont satisfy you anymore, and you have decided to get your own. As you get more involved in the game, buying paintballs to suit your taste becomes a necessity, so its time to learn how to choose them right.

What Kind of Paintballs Do I Need?

Paintballs are essential ammunition for a paintball gun, and as such, you need to find the suitable ones for your paintball marker.

  • All paintballs are made of water-based, non-toxic paint encapsulated in a gelatin coating and they break on impact when you fire them.
  • Multiple sizes are available, with common choices including .50 caliber, .63 caliber, and .72 caliber. Its essential to buy balls that fit the barrel diameter of your gun.
  • When it comes to ball colors, choose shades that make it easy to see a hit. For example, orange or neon yellow paint are good options for playing in forested areas, whereas green field paint is not.
  • The cost of ammo for paintballing varies depending on the type of shooting you prefer. Recreational options are cheaper and have a firmer shell, whereas tournament-grade ones break easily thanks to their thinner shell, but they are more expensive.
  • The rounder a ball is, the straighter it will fly, so look into this aspect when shopping for paintball balls to fill your barrel.

How Many Paintballs Will I Need?

  • There is no way to know exactly how many youll need because it all depends on how often you like to shoot.
  • The average use is 400 to 500 per person per day.
  • If you want to purchase balls in bulk to have a stash for multiple sessions and get your fill of fun, keep in mind that you need to store them in a cool dry place to avoid humidity.

How Do I Choose a Paintball Gun?

Besides paintballs, youll also need a paintball marker, also known as a paintball gun. Some of the popular brands include Tippmann, Marballizer, GI Sportz, Angel, Killabeez, and Slingshot.

  • Mechanical guns are ideal for recreational, casual fun. These guns dont require battery power and are a good option for someone on a budget.
  • Electro-pneumatic weapons are electric and work well for competitive play. You can program them for semi-automatic or automatic bursts.
  • Test the ease of use and weight to make sure you can handle it comfortably when shooting.
  • Many paintball guns can be customized, so you can change the barrels and hoppers if you wish.
  • Once youve purchased one, dont forget to look into paintball tanks as well.