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Paintball Vests

When you’re in the middle of an intense game of paintball, in addition to protection, you need every tactical advantage you can get. Tactical paintball vests provide chest and heart protection, as well as comfort for hours of competition. Before your next paintball scenario, take a look at the available vests and see which one can help you.

What tactical paintball advantages can you receive from a vest?
  • Reduce reloading time - During your long and intense paintball sessions, you need to carry as much ammunition in a pouch as possible. The more you can carry in your paintball vest, the less time you need to spend reloading.
  • Increase comfort - Distributing the gear around your entire torso and hips allows you to remain comfortable while running, ducking, and dodging.
  • Carry other supplies - An intense scenario of paintball will require supplies such as maps, pods, magazines, cartridges, and holsters. A quality tactical vest will give you the advantages of having a lot of pouches to be prepared.
How do you choose the right vest for your event?

Each paintball player is an individual with different storage and comfort requirements. Some things to look into when considering tactical needs include:

  • Weight - Consider how much weight you're willing to wear during intense paintball competitions. You'll want a tactical vest heavy enough to stay durable but light enough to avoid making the game harder.
  • Fit - Make sure you're wearing the proper size vest. A vest which is too large will slide around, causing pods to fall out of the pouch. It will also not provide as much chest protection. If it's too small, it will become very uncomfortable and hinder the paintball game.
  • Material - When the tactical battle is over, you'll want a paintball vest which can easily be cleaned of sweat and paint. You also want a material which will wick away sweat during the battle.
Are paintball vests necessary for youth players?

Tactical vests are a great idea for all players, but especially youths. While they are not mandatory for adults to use in a battle, many places will require them for youth players. An important reason for youth vests is extra protection for the young player's heart from sudden up-close shots. The vests help prevent broken ribs, and also prevent damage to the skin from diving to the ground. Finally, many youths find the extra sense of security helps build confidence in their game.

What size vests are available?

Players of all sizes are able to enjoy the game of paintball, as tactical vests are available in sizes extra small, big, and tall sizes, too. There are also vests sized for women, so female players are able to use the same vests as other teammates.