Kydex Hunting Gun Holsters

A gun holster is a crucial piece of equipment, whether you are shooting at the range or hunting. Gun holsters are made of several different types of materials, but it is important to choose one that is known for its strength and durability. There are many different types of holsters available, and each one is designed to fit differently and be used for different purposes.

Why are the features of Kydex gun holsters?

Kydex is an acrylic-polyvinyl chloride material, and it is used for many different applications, including gun holsters, sheaths, and aircraft interiors. Kydex exhibits the rigor and formability of acrylic products as well as the durability, low flammability, and scratch resistance of polyvinyl chloride. Kydex holsters are able to maintain their shape in the most extreme weather and physical conditions and situations, making them highly durable.

What aspects are important in a Kydex holster?
  • Security: One of the most important aspects of a Kydex holster is carrying security to ensure that your gun stays on you at all times. Some holsters have retention mechanisms that require you to release a strap or break to access the gun, and these are ideal for rigorous activities.
  • Safety: Kydex holsters are able to help prevent an accidental trigger pull or hammer drawback.
  • Quick and efficient draw: A critical factor when selecting a Kydex holster is the ability to draw the gun efficiently and safely. Kydex holsters come in many carrying styles, which allows you to choose a style that you are most comfortable with and will also allow you to find a carrying position for quick and easy access to your gun if needed.
What kinds of Kydex gun holsters are available?
  • Cross draw: Cross draw holsters are placed in the waist of a pair of pants on the non-dominant side. These allow for a quick draw when seated.
  • Outside and inside the waistband: Kydex holsters for outside the waistband are designed for open carrying and can be concealed under longer shirts or jackets. Inside the waistband models are easily hidden and clip or mount to a belt.
  • Thigh: These Kydex holsters are utilized for open carrying and allow quick access to the gun.
  • Pocket: These holsters slip into a pocket, are ideal for small firearms, and are great for secondary weapons.
What is a Kydex mag holster?

A mag, or magazine, holster allows you to carry additional ammunition, which can be useful if you find yourself in a situation where it is needed. These holsters can attach to the waist of a pair of pants or be placed in a pocket for an easy and quick draw, and clothing can cover them. Mag holsters are available that fit horizontally and vertically and can be found for both right and left-handed shooters.