Vestidos Para niñas

Girls Dresses Size 4 and Up

There are two categories of girls' dresses: little girls and big girls. The sizes for little girl dresses range from 4-6X, while big girl dresses range in size from 7-16. A wide assortment of girls’ dresses is available in solid colours and prints.

How does girls' dress sizing work?

Girls grow quickly. Therefore, it is often smart to choose girls' dresses either two inches bigger or a size larger. Use a soft tape measure and write down the measurements before you start looking for dresses. Check the measurements against a girl's size chart.

  • Girl's chest: Have your child raise her arms and measure the chest.
  • Girl's waist: Beginning at the back, bring the tape to the front of the belly button.
  • Dress length for girls: Start the dress measurement from the middle of the shoulder and stop at the point you want the dress to fall.
How do you choose a style?

Pick girls' dresses that suit your child’s personality and the event. Knowing the style of clothing that is suitable for the occasion will help you choose sensible girls’ dresses for your kids.

  • Girls dresses that are casual: This category includes girls' floral smock dresses, long sleeve, jersey dresses, and pinafore dresses without sleeves for informal occasions. You'll find an assortment of colours, including blue, grey, red, black. Some have characters, flowers, or other designs printed on them.
  • Girls dresses for parties: Girls' party dresses can be made of an assortment of soft fabrics. Try a blue or pink party dress to match a theme. Or select a party dress with a floral skirt and lace top.
  • Girls dresses for pageants: When searching for a pageant dress, you will find sleeveless styles and designs with sleeves. Dresses with organza skirts or a tutu bottom are wise choices. Also, ribbons, flowers, and lace may complement the dress.
  • Special occasion dresses for girls: Events like graduations, christenings, Easter service, and Christmas ceremonies can be celebrated with dresses made of timeless fabrics. Look for a dress made of lace, taffeta, or satin. Try a white, black, blue, or pink girls' tea length dress with or without sleeves.
How do you select seasonal fabrics for girls?

If you are looking for girls’ dresses your child can wear in both cool and warm months, try satin. You can also layer the dresses with solid or floral print sweaters and pair them with opaque tights. Here are a few fabric choices and the seasons when girls may wish to wear them.

  • Girls' silk dresses: Girls' silk dresses can be worn at night or in the cooler months.
  • Girls' taffeta dresses: Crisp with a smooth finish, this luxury fabric is ideal for fall. Still, girls can wear a flower print dress with a tutu hem in the spring.
  • Girls' velvet dresses: Velvet is thick, making it a warm winter clothing fabric.
  • Girls' lace dresses: Often, girls' lace dresses have another material underneath so they can be worn in both warm and cool months.