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Exercise Sweatbands

Playing sports is a convenient way to spend time with friends and family while staying in shape, but excessive sweating can make the experience less enjoyable. Whether youre playing tennis or volleyball or spending hours running outdoors, you can easily work up a sweat. A stylish headband or pair of cotton wrist sweatbands could be the solution you need to stay safe and productive during your workout.

How do you match a sweatband with a particular exercise?

The sweatband you choose should reflect your preferences and style. If you do a lot of running, you may prefer to use a cotton headband to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes. Wrapping a headband around your forehead allows you to exercise or play sports without the distraction of wiping sweat from your brow while youre running.

Alternatively, tennis, soccer, and baseball players can use a pair of cotton wristbands to keep their hands dry as they play. With wrist sweatbands, you can easily reach up to your brow and wipe away sweat before it drips onto your face.

How do you properly use sweatbands during a workout?

Cotton wrist sweatbands are like miniature hands-free towels designed to absorb your perspiration as you play sports or exercise. Its important to use well-fitting headbands and wristbands to prevent an accident or injury during your workout. If youre playing sports outside, a white headband can help keep you cool by reflecting sunlight. Keep these additional tips in mind:

  • Be safe: Replace tattered or torn wrist sweatbands quickly to avoid snagging them on a zipper or piece of sports equipment.
  • Be prepared: Bring several pairs of wristbands with you to a workout so that you can change them as they become soaked.
  • Stay dry: On a hot or humid day, wear multiple pairs of sweatbands for extra absorption.
  • Stay focused: A headband can be used to keep your hair out of your eyes when youre swinging a golf club, tennis racket, or croquet mallet.
Can anyone use sweatbands?

Headbands and wristbands are elastic, so they generally fit a wide range of body and head sizes. Children and smaller users should look for sizes that fit snugly without restricting blood circulation. Larger users should ensure that their bands fit comfortably and securely for optimal results. Whether youre running, biking, hiking, or rock climbing, you can use sweatbands to free up your hands and make your workout last longer. Elastic cotton bands are a good choice for:

  • Senior citizens who want to stay in shape by exercising outdoors
  • Adult men and women who play recreational or competitive sports
  • Children playing team sports or engaging in physical activity
  • Bodybuilders and dieters looking to lose weight by exercising and sweating
How do you care for sweatbands?

Always wash your headbands and wristbands after using them during sports or exercise. Cotton bands will remain in good condition after repeated machine washes. Because they are relatively small and lightweight, machine drying may not be necessary, and your bands could last longer if left out to air dry for two to three hours.