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Charge Your PC With a Dell Computer Power Supply

Its important to be able to power your computer. You can find a Dell computer power supply on eBay. Whether youre replacing an existing supply or building a new computer from scratch, there are a number of specifications to consider.

Does the computer model matter?

The computer model is going to matter. For example, depending on whether you have Alienware, an Inspiron, or a desktop tower, the power supply is going to vary. You will want to look at the dimensions of the supply to ensure that it will fit properly. The form factor is the shape and layout of a component. There are a lot of options to choose from on eBay:

  • ATX: A configuration for desktop computers, developed by Intel.
  • EPS: This is a derivative of the ATX configuration.
  • MicoATX: This is a common format for gaming systems.
What is the max output power?

Some computers need more power to function than others. This will depend on whats connected to the motherboard as well as the external plug-ins. You will want to review the output options to decide on whats right for your Dell computer. If you increase the power too much more than what you currently have, it could fry your motherboard. This is why its critical to review what your system requires in order to choose from the following:

  • 100-249 W
  • 250-499W500-749 W
  • 750-999 W
  • 1000-1249 W
  • More than 250 W
What are the connector options?

A power supply may have a number of connectors. This includes looking at the number of pins that are in place as well as drives that can be connected to it. Once you have the power supply, it is then connected to the motherboard using the series of cables that are often connected. In addition to the basic connectors, you want to find out whether all of the cables are included or if you will have to purchase those separately.

Does the brand matter?

When youre shopping for a Dell computer power supply, Dell is the most common brand as it is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). However, you can find other manufacturers that create power supplies that will fit your Dell computer. In the end, it doesnt matter what brand. If you have a preference for OEM, then Dell is the brand to look for. Otherwise, any manufacturer will work as long as it meets the specifications for your computer.

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