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Get Crafty When You Use Crewel Embroidery Kits

Crewel embroidery is a kind of needlework that uses wool or wool-like thread to create a design on fabric. Brought from England to the American colonies, crewelwork comprises a variety of stitches in 1-ply or 2-ply yarn to create a colorful design. The craft, distinguished by the yarn rather than the design or scene, has traditionally been done with a large-eyed needle on tightly woven linen. Other sturdy fabrics work too, though.

What kinds of stitches does the technique use?

You can use many of the same stitches in crewelwork that are used in other kinds of embroidery. The stem stitch outlines the design, and the satin stitch fills in flat areas. The chain stitch and the French knot create dimension, and the buttonhole stitch fills in between parallel lines. Couching and trellis stitches cover large areas quickly, and a combination of long and short stitches create shading.

What kinds of tools do crewel embroiderers use?

During stitching, an embroidery hoop holds the design taut and creates tension to produce a consistent design. Hoops can be made of wood, metal, or plastic, and they come in a variety of sizes. A crewel needle has a sharp point, is usually 1.5- to 2-inches long (See the manufacturer site for details), and has a big eye for using multiple strands or thick yarn. Packages of crewel needles include a variety of sizes for different types of stitches and fibers. You can choose color-coded needles to make it easier to find the right one.

You may also want a container to hold your project while you're completing it, a pair of small scissors for clipping threads, and a needle threader for making the threading process easier.

How do you choose a crewel embroidery project?

If you have an artistic flair, you may prefer making your own design and completing it with free-handed stitching. However, you can also choose between a wide assortment of kits that include everything you need to get started. Themes include holidays, religious, children, landscapes, nature, traditional samplers, and more.

Other kinds of needlework kits include cross stitch kits, needlepoint kits, needle embroidery, ribbon embroidery, and punch needle kits.

Where can you display crewel embroidery?

You'll enjoy seeing your project come to life, but you can also use your finished work of art in creative ways around your home. Use stretcher bars to create a wall hanging, make a pillow, reupholster a chair seat, or incorporate an embroidered panel into a tote bag or jacket. The uses for crewel embroidery are only limited by your imagination.

A crewel kit for every theme

Crewel embroidery kits come from well-established needle working companies and include names like Paragon Needlecraft, Elsa Williams, and Bucilla. Choices include crewel embroidery kits for beginners and veteran needleworkers. Scenes depict still life, landscapes, everyday motifs, or pieces inspired by paintings like Van Gogh's Starry Night. Kits may also depict family life, love, and spirituality, or it may include these common themes:

  • Flowers and plants
  • Beach and nautical
  • Animals and insects
  • Holiday and Christmas
  • Travel

How are crewel stitchery kits used?

Crewelwork can be stretched and framed like canvas art, made into pillows, or used to upholster chairs and benches. Another simple technique is to hang needlework in the round hoop used to stretch it while it is being embroidered. Jacobean crewelwork, used for wall art and upholstery, is a technique that dates to the 17th century when artisans used wool to recreate patterns on chintz fabrics imported from India. Jacobean embroidery uses limited colors of wool in tonal patterns. Sometimes, the designs include nature scenes with whimsical insects and animals. Jacobean embroidery kits are still easy to find.

Vintage crewel embroidery kits and needlework

Vintage hand embroidery kits have been around for ages, but they were especially trendy during the 1970s, a decade when decor favored animals and botanicals. On eBay, crafters can find vintage hand embroidery kits from the 1970s or mixed lots for various periods. Kits for bellpulls and even for an organdy blouse with embroidery is available on eBay. Sealed kits should include all necessary supplies, but it should be easy to replace missing pieces in kits that have been opened or partially completed as well as those that have missing yarn or fabric. If a needleworker likes a kit that comes in the wrong colors, the yarn can be easily replaced.

Crewel kits for non-stitchers

Finished projects like vintage quilts, pillows, and purses are options for the person who loves the look but doesn't want to do embroidery. From professionally framed pictures to unblocked pieces and stretched crewelwork, pieces come in a wide range of choices. Interesting pieces on eBay include choices like stained glass, colorful peacocks and a 1970s tiger under 3D glass.

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