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Bicycle Locks & Security

When you use your bike to travel to a public area, it is recommended that you outfit it with a lock or two for security. Keeping your bike securely locked up can deter any interested parties.

What are the benefits of using a bike lock?

The main benefit of using a bike lock is that it keeps your bike safely where you left it when you walk away. This is particularly important if you rely on your bike as a main mode of transportation. Using a combination of locks can also help you ensure that your bike is safe and secure when you need to park it while you are out and about.

What types of bike locks are there?

There are a variety of locks for your bicycle available. The type of lock you need depends on your bicycle and the amount of security you need.

  • U-locks: The u-lock is a bulky locking mechanism that is highly durable and resistant to chisels, hammers, and bolt cutters. It is shaped like a horseshoe and reduces the amount of room between the bike and the lock, preventing a crowbar from popping the lock apart.
  • Cable locks: Cable locks have a locking mechanism attached to a cable. The cables can be threaded through the bike tires to keep them from being removed separately from the rest of the bike. Cable locks are often used in conjunction with u-locks for extra security.
  • Chain locks: These locks have a tough chain-link surrounded by a casing that is resistant to hacksaws and chisels. You may also wish to invest in a heavy-duty padlock to attach to the chain lock cables.
  • Locking wheel and seat skewers: Locking skewers can disable the quick-release feature that some bike seats and wheels have.
How should you lock your bicycle?

Choosing a lock is only half of the task. You also should be aware of how to lock up your bike to deter any thieves from taking parts or all of your bike.

  • Your bike should be locked up to an immovable object.
  • Lock the frame and both wheels of the bicycle if possible. You can use a combination of a u-lock and cable lock. If this is not possible, lock the most valuable parts of your bike. You may choose to take quick-release items like the seat with you.
  • Ensure the lock has a tight fit around our bike. This makes it a more secure connection to the bicycle.
  • If your lock has a keyhole, it should be pointed toward the ground. This keeps water out of it and makes it last longer.