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Bicycle Child Seats

Child bicycle seats make it easy for you to take your baby or toddler around town. Child bike seats come in different configurations, so you can decide whether youd like to have your child ride behind you or not. Theyre made with safety in mind, so you can strap your child in, put your helmets on, and enjoy the ride.

What ages are child bicycle seats intended for?

Most child bike seats are designed to fit babies and toddlers who are a minimum of nine months old. At this age, toddlers and other kids can typically sit up on their own for extended periods of time. On the other end of the spectrum, seats could fit kids up to age four or five. They usually have weight maximums, so be sure to check thoroughly for those factors when choosing a particular brand.

How do you decide between front and rear seats?

You have to take into account the setup that you prefer while riding as well as the type of bike that youll be using as the rider. There are a few things you should always consider:

  • Front bike seats allow you to interact with your child more easily. You can see things together and hear each other when having a conversation. When using a rear seat on the bike, youll have to turn your head and speak loudly so that your child can hear you.
  • Front seats may work better with threaded headsets. You can raise your bikeu001as handlebars to make enough space to mount a seat in front.
  • Rear seats may be more comfortable for an adult rider. Youll have room to move your knees and will have an unobstructed view of the road or trail ahead of the bicycle.
  • Rear child seats may also be more comfortable for kids. Some rear bike seats can recline and have suspension.
What safety features are included in child bike carriers?

When child bike seats are mounted correctly on a bicycle, they can be a safe way to ride, especially when you use a helmet at all times. Features to look for include the following:

  • Adjustable harnesses: This means that you can get a tight fit when securing your child in the carrier on the bicycle.
  • Adjustable foot rests: Having a comfortable place to put your childs feet can help them sit properly in their carriers, which will allow you to keep riding for longer.
  • One-handed control: When buckling/unbuckling and adjusting straps, you want to be sure that you can use one hand while you keep the other on the bike.
  • Meets ASTM standards: The ASTM international safety standards apply to rear-mounted seats only. If youre leaning in this direction, make sure the seat you buy meets those standards.
How are bike seats attached?

Make sure you follow the manufacturers directions when installing a bike seat for kids.

  • Front-mounted seats generally mount right below the bikeu001as handlebars.
  • Some rear-mounted seats can be attached to the frame of the bike. These sit above the wheel.
  • Other rear child seats can be mounted to a rack above the wheel of the bike or directly behind the rider.