All About Non-Slip Towels for Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are excellent forms of exercise. They work your core muscles and lengthen and strengthen your limbs. Even though they may seem low-key, you can work up quite a sweat doing either exercise. An absorbent towel and non-slip yoga mat can help you stay firm and secure as you go through your workout session. Keep reading to learn more about the many options available when shopping for yoga and Pilates towels and mats.

Is there a difference between yoga and pilates mats?

In truth, the biggest difference between a mat for yoga and Pilates is going to be the thickness. You may want to invest in thicker support for Pilates where a thin yoga mat will allow you more balance and stability. They are both usually made from a foam or rubber material. You can easily use them interchangeably, however, adding a soft and absorbent towel on top of your non-slip yoga mat will give you an extra layer of softness, help keep your mat clean and fresh, and help keep you comfortable as you workout.

What sizes and colors are available?

Although the most common one you will find is the standard rectangle in a roughly 24-inch by 68-inch size, yoga, and Pilates towels come in a wide range of sizes. You can buy them individually or as sets with multiple sizes. This is a nice option for when you can't decide on the right size. Some come with bags or carrying straps to make transport easier. You may also see sizes and colors like these:

  • Small hand towels for wiping extra perspiration or resting your head
  • Extra-large towels that can double as a blanket
  • Prints like multicolor tie-die, geometric patterns and flowers
  • Solid colors such as purple, orange, blue, pink and grey
What materials are yoga towels made from?

Most yoga towels feature two sides, one that is soft and absorbent and another that has a gripping surface to keep it from moving around. The surfaces are commonly made from absorbent microfiber, however, cotton or other natural fibers are also used. Grippers may be rubber, foam or silica gel.

What about buying used yoga towels?

Buying used fitness gear is a good way to save money. Yoga towels can take some serious abuse during workouts, and you stand on them with bare feet, so many people will shy away from sharing or using someone else's gear. However, most towels can be washed easily, so a used one would be completely safe once it is thoroughly laundered. If you have concerns, however, consider buying an open box item that is unused but with a lower price than one that is brand new.