Saleros y pimenteros de madera y Mills

Wood Salt and Pepper Mills

The addition of freshly ground salt, pepper, or seasoning can make a great dish magnificent. You can grind your favorite spices, course or fine, with great ease in your very own kitchen. With its traditional look and natural wood surface, the mill can enhance your dining table along with your meals.

What are salt and pepper mills?

Salt and pepper mills are more than standard pepper shakers. They are simple mechanisms, often composed of a ceramic inner core, stainless steel, and a wooden outer body, that are fed peppercorns by gravity. The mill works by the movement of two metal wheels that turn to grind the peppercorns that pass through the wheels. Hand-cranking the grinder crushes and cracks open spices, converting them into fine powder and freeing fragranced oils that complement and enhance food.

How are salt and pepper mills used?
  • First, fill the pepper mill with fresh peppercorns or the dry spice of your choice. Salt and pepper grinders or mills are customarily designed with the grinding mechanism near the top and the pepper container at the bottom. Locate the part of the device that unscrews to open the container so that the product can be poured into the grinder. Unscrew and open the grinder to fill the container to the capacity with pepper. Replace the lid firmly.
  • Hold the salt and pepper mill several inches above the dish or food you wish to season.
  • Twist the mill with one hand while holding it firmly with the other hand to process the pepper. As the mill is twisted, the ground pepper will fall from the bottom of the mill onto the food below. Stop twisting when the desired amount of pepper has been dispensed.
  • Shake the mill several times to remove any extra pepper from the bottom of the shaker. Keep the mill nearby for easy access during food preparation or service.
How are salt and pepper mills cleaned?
  • Unscrew the top and remove it.
  • Empty the salt mill of any remaining pepper.
  • Turn the mill upside down and remove the rod by tapping it firmly against a hard surface.
  • Clean the mill, inside and out, with a dry cloth or cleaning brush.
  • Return the rod to its place from the back in from the bottom, ensuring it goes through the grinder ring until it slides securely into place.
  • Refill the mill with product.
  • Replace the top of the mill, taking care that the metal key clicks in on the rod.
  • Replace the top screw while applying slight pressure on the rod so that it's flush with the bottom of the grinding mechanism.
  • Tighten the screw for a finer pepper, salt, or spice grind.