Motores de Ventana y piezas para Mazda 6

Window Motors & Parts for Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 is a sedan that debuted in 2002 and is available in several countries. When you are driving, you expect your windows to respond when you press a button. Window motors and parts keep the windows in your sedan working correctly.

What does a window regulator do?

An important component that car windows need is a regulator. You can purchase just the regulator by itself or an assembly that features multiple pieces. An assembly will come with a long metal piece that sits beneath the glass. This is what pushes the glass up and pulls it back down. It also has a small motor on the opposite side that works with the buttons on your door. You will need to choose one based on the generation of your car.

What replacements and upgrades can you buy for car windows?

Regulators and assemblies are not the only things you can buy for your windows. You will also find replacement buttons that you can use to replace broken buttons on your door. If the motor inside the door stops working, you can actually replace the motor and the switch at the same time. The switch will have multiple buttons for controlling all the windows in the car.

Will all components work with the same windows?

When you can buy replacement parts, you need to consider where you will use the components. When doing car repairs, you must look for the right components for the specific window you want to fix. There are different products available for the front and rear windows as well as for the drivers and passengers side. Regulators for the front will allow the glass to go all the way down inside the door. Those designed for the backseat will only let the glass go down a set amount. The placement of the motor on assemblies will change based on the window in question.

Is Mazda the only company that makes replacements?

Mazda is, of course, one company that makes replacement parts for the Mazda 6. These are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacements that come directly from Mazda. Aftermarket products come from different companies and are available in branded and unbranded options. Unbranded products do not tell you who made the window replacements. Branded products have the name of select manufactures on them, including Dorman, MotorKing, and Cardone Industries. Those companies all make products for Mazda 6 windows.