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Whistler Radar and Laser Detectors

Whistler is an American company that makes products that are used in cars. This company produces a number of items including electronic gadgets that can spot law-enforcement velocity-detection traps before you get caught. Search through this comprehensive collection of items to find a product from this brand that works for you.

What is a radar and laser detector?

These kinds of items are used to alert drivers to speed traps in their vicinity. A speed trap is a technique used by law enforcement to determine if motorists are exceeding the speed limit, and law enforcement officers have traditionally used types of radar to gauge the velocity of oncoming vehicles. When installed in a vehicle, these devices pick up the scattered radiation that is emitted from one of these law enforcement tools from a distance. Law enforcement officers have become wise to this practice and have started using lasers instead. However, items from this brand detect both types of law enforcement tools.

What radar and laser detector models are offered?

Whistler makes a wide variety of items that detect speed traps. A few commonly-used models include:

  • XTR-540 Cordless - The XTR-540 is an entry-level offering from this brand. This device comes equipped with an auto-shutoff feature, and it can be installed in any vehicle model. The XTR-540 features a bright blue display, and it is powered by two AA batteries. It is equipped with a Stay Alert feature that tests the readiness of the driver, and it can be set to City Mode when used in an urban area to minimize the potential of false alarms.
  • CR-93 High Performance - The CR-93 is a high-end offering from this brand. This device is equipped with a feature that eliminates the noise created by the Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) emitters in contemporary cars that alert drivers to potential collisions. The CR-93 has a blue display, and it can produce voice alerts in either English or Spanish.
  • Z-11R+ Field Disturbance Sensor - This model also features FDSR (Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection) functionality, which is the technology employed by this brand to eliminate FMCW noise. This device is powered by a 12v cord that plugs into a cigarette lighter, and it comes with a windshield bracket.
  • CR-85 High Performance - The CR-85 features protection from X band, K band, Super Wideband Ka, and laser detection. It is also equipped with Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) technology, which eliminates the noise generated by traffic flow sensors.
Are radar and laser detectors legal?

These devices are legal in most places in the United States. However, some states and districts have outlawed the use of these devices. Check your local statutes to make sure that these devices are allowed in your area.