Wedding Thank You Cards

Choosing thank you cards is an important part of wedding planning that often gets overlooked. Thank you cards are appropriate after receiving a present or to thank your guests for sharing in your wedding day celebration. You can add a personal touch to each card so the recipient knows you appreciate their gift or their participation in your wedding.

How soon should a thank you card be sent?

Sending thank-you notes can be a lengthy process. It is OK to start sending thank-you notes as soon as you receive wedding gifts, even before the wedding. Try to send your thank-you cards within two weeks for any presents received before the wedding. For wedding gifts received during and after the ceremony, you have up to three months. Start early and stay organized. You don’t want to spend your whole honeymoon thinking about all the thank-you cards you need to send. You can send thank-you cards to other people as well, including the caterer, your bridesmaids, and anyone who played a part or lent a helping hand.

How do you choose wedding thank you note stationery?

Have fun when choosing a stationery design. Choose something that ties in with the theme of your wedding, invitation cards, or fits your personal style. From simple and homemade to personalized and elegant, the styles of wedding note cards are almost endless. You can consider:

  • Style: You can choose from rustic burlap and lace to elegant vintage script and personalized photos. With a little thought, you can make sure it is special and unique.
  • Quantity: Look at your invitation list to get an idea of how many cards you might need. It is no fun to run out or switch designs mid-stream.
  • Color: The cards can tie in with your wedding theme. Or select a generic color, so you can use them again. When in doubt, simple white or off-white is always appropriate.
  • Size: A lot of note cards are odd mailing sizes, so it is easiest to buy cards that come with envelopes. This way, you are not left looking for the right size envelope. Forever stamps are helpful to avoid worrying about postage, but depending on size and weight, you may need two stamps on each note card.

What wording should be used in wedding thank you notes?

Each thank you note should have a personalized message and each recipient mentioned by name. It is a good idea to refer to the wedding gifts received and how you plan on using them. If the guest gave money, don’t mention the specific amount. Instead, use a generic word like "generous" when referring to it. It is fine to tell them how you plan to use the money; this way they feel like part of the process. If you received a group present, send a note of gratitude to each member separately. Express your gratitude or even include a photo from your wedding day to make it extra special