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Choosing the Right Underwater Camera Cases and Housings for Canon Cameras

If you like to take pictures while you're out on a boat, swimming or just enjoying the lake or river, you'll want to have an underwater case to protect your camera from damage. Even waterproof cameras may not be able to handle complete submersion. You can protect your digital camera by using the correct underwater housing for your Canon camera.

What are the Advantages to Using Underwater Camera Cases or Housings?

You'll find that your digital Canon is even more versatile when you use an underwater case or housing. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Underwater camera cases prevent damage if you should accidentally drop your camera into the water while on a boat or playing in the water.
  • Underwater housings for your camera can allow you to take photos even when you're in the water.
  • Waterproof housings allow you to use your controls even underwater.
  • You can create high-quality photos with up-close images with underwater housing for your Canon camera.

What Features Do I Want for Underwater Housings and Cases for My Canon?

When considering a waterproof case or housing for your Canon Nikon camera, you'll want to know about the most important features.;

  • Choose either a flexible or rigid case or housing for the camera to allow you to zoom in or use other controls.
  • Consider the buoyancy the case has in case it's dropped into the lake or ocean to make it easier to locate.
  • Consider the maximum depth of protection the housing provides.
  • Know if the sensors still operate in the housing and other features of the camera.
  • Check the image quality of the photos taken underwater.
  • Know what size and model of camera the housing or case will fit.

What Brands are Available for Underwater Camera Cases?

You will find several different brands for underwater cases and camera housing. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • Meikon makes camera housing for Canon models and aluminum handle kits.
  • Fantasea makes a waterproof case designed for specific Canon models along with accessory kits for precise image quality.
  • SEA&SEA makes cases for Canon models which are built from a solid piece of aluminum.

Do I need a Case If I Have a Waterproof Camera?

Even if you own an underwater camera, you may still need a waterproof case. To determine if it's a necessary accessory, you must consider a few aspects of your digital camera.

  • Maximum depth for camera to be submersed - If you plan to go deeper underwater than what your camera allows, you will need underwater housing.
  • Is your camera able to be submersed? Some waterproof cameras are only protected from contact with moisture such as with rain or humidity, but they will not work underwater.