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UGG Australia Shoes for Men

UGG Australia products are made with grade-A sheepskin and leather. Although associated with Australia, the UGG brand is actually American and refers to the traditional Australian sheepskin boots called by a similar name. The brand offers a variety of shapes, colors, and materials appropriate for a diverse range of both men and occasions.

Which types of leather footwear does UGG Australia manufacture?

The company produces the Ascot shoe. The Ascot is a slip-on leather or suede moccasin lined with UGGPure, which is a wool insulation used for cushioning. UGG Australia also manufactures suede house slippers, leather dress shoes, ankle boots, and full boots. Some models are either moisture-wicking or impermeable, like the classic Wellington, and some styles slip on and off. Some of the footwear has lace-up closures.

Can you wear orthotics with these boots and slippers?

The company's products tend to fit snugly from the heel to the toe box, and the Ascot shoe is meant to be worn with bare feet. If you require thick socks or orthotics, the company recommends getting a pair of boots that are one size larger than you would normally wear. If your feet are broad, you can also opt to purchase a wide version the shoe or one size larger.

Do UGG Australia shoes and boots have any traction?

All products included in the annual collections contain ridged soles that help provide grip and traction on hardwood floors as well as smooth indoor surfaces. The brand designs and constructs both their outdoor shoes and boots to provide similar stability.

Does UGG Australia have a boot with removable soles?

The company offers several versions with removable soles. The particular styles change from season to season, but the Butte and Yucca boots are two perennial examples. The brand also manufactures insole inserts called Twinsoles, which are designed to be used with the company's entire array of products. These inserts consist of two sets of insoles, including one pair made of leather and one pair made of shearling, so you can swap them for different occasions.

Twinsoles are roughly 7 millimeters thick and provide several benefits.

  • They resist mold and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Dual-density thickness offers full plantar cushioning.
  • Heels consist of proprietary Poron to absorb shock.
  • A molded design provides moderate arch support in a boot or shoe.
Where are UGG Australia boots and shoes made?

According to the company's website, their new and classic models are primarily made in China. However, you may have an UGG boot, slipper, or shoe that includes fur and other materials from the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, or the United States.

The company has a strict commitment to animal welfare. Therefore, they avoid doing business with suppliers who fail to comply with their animal welfare policy and only purchase sheepskins from tanneries located in countries that regulate animal treatment.

Models that do not conform to the above standards are potentially counterfeit. For your protection, the company has a counterfeit watch list on its website. Here you can confirm or at least investigate the authenticity of any UGG Australia boot or shoe you purchase.

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