Toyota Car and Truck A/C and Heater Controls

Headquartered in Japan, Toyota is a manufacturer of cars, trucks, and SUVs, including the Corolla, Highlander, Prius, Tacoma, Yaris, Tundra, Avalon, and Camry. A/C and heater controls are available for your particular model.

What are the features of Toyota A/C and heater controls?
  • Multiple points of adjustment: The controlling knobs and buttons for the heat and air conditioning allow you to choose the speed, location, and direction of the flow of the heated or cooled air.
  • Smooth finish on the knobs and buttons: The push-button controls and manual knobs have a smooth finish that is made from plastic. The knobs have an ergonomic design that allows you to make slight adjustments to the temperature or speed of air flow in your vehicle.
  • Clear labeling and back lighting for night driving: Each of the push-button toggles and knobs is clearly labeled in white printing and with symbols so that you understand what to adjust for interior comfort. When you are driving at night, the back lighting allows the white labeling to glow so that you can see each knob or control with ease.
How do you choose Toyota air conditioning or heater controls?
  • Choose the Toyota models: There are different knobs and modules for controlling the heater and air conditioner for each of the Toyota models. Choose parts that are compatible with your Corolla, Highlander, Tundra, Prius, Tacoma, Yaris, Avalon, or Camry. Choose the model year of your vehicle because their faceplates and knob sizes change slightly through each generation and year of production.
  • Pick a manufacturer: Choose Toyota as the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the replacement knobs and switches for your cabin comfort. There are also units made by other manufacturers, including Manhattan Beach, Lexus, and others. You could also choose unbranded products.
  • Choose a controller style: Choose a switch, knob, or push-button unit. Different parts of the heating and air conditioning system operate with different styles of controllers. The fan direction and heating or cooling level controllers use knobs while the vehicles air conditioning uses a push-button to turn it on or off.
What are the types of Toyota A/C and heater controls?

The most common type of controls for air conditioning and heaters in the Corolla, Highlander, Prius, Tacoma, Yaris, Avalon, Tundra, and Camry vehicles made by Toyota are the manual faceplates with knobs. You can either choose an individual knob to replace one of the controls or an entire faceplate and knob assembly. There are also separate fan direction controls for all of these cars, trucks, and SUVs. These knobs allow you to select which vents in the vehicle receive the heated or cooled air and in which direction the air will be blown. You can also select the electronics modules that connect with the battery, air conditioner, and heater in the engine block of the vehicle.