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Tapout Clothing for Men

Tapout is a men’s clothing company that makes T-shirts, shorts, pants, and more. Moisture-wicking fabric and room for mobility are brand priorities. With Tapout, style and function combine to create lasting, durable athletic clothes.

What colors are available in Tapouts apparel for men?

Many Tapout men’s clothing styles are available in red, blue, black, and grey. Relatively neutral hues meet a variety of different apparel needs and match with a variety of other styles. Some styles may be available in other colors like white or beige.

What styles does Tapout make for men?

Tapout styles for men include shorts, short-sleeved shirts, and sweatpants. Some examples include the following:

  • The Tapout “Off Grid” Grey Heather Shorts are made of moisture-wicking polyester French terry, which keeps sweat away from the skin while you’re working out or lounging. A roomy interior allows for a wide range of motion while an elastic waist and drawstring closure provides a secure fit. The fit falls at the knees.
  • The Tapout “Highlight” Flame Scarlet Training Shorts are available in black with scarlet trim. Made of polyester mesh, these are moisture wicking and a champion at keeping you cool during a workout. A roomy fit provides lots of space for moving around. These shorts fall just above the knees.
  • The Tapout Ebody Bio Compression T-shirt is made of a blend of polyester and spandex for optimal moisture-wicking capability. Its unlimited mobility and enhanced muscle silhouette highlight definition and pump. Contrasting light grey cuffs at the ends of the T-shirts short sleeves draw even more attention to arms.
What materials are used to manufacture Tapout clothing for men?

Polyester, spandex, mesh, and French terry are some of the materials utilized to craft their designs for men. Polyester and mesh may be used in shorts or shirts for a wicking effect. The material drives moisture away from the skin to keep the wearer cool and dry throughout a workout. Spandex is often added to different garments for stretch and additional comfort. Specific materials depend on the particular clothing item.

What sizes are available for men?

Most Tapout brand garments are available in U.S. men’s small, medium, large, extra-large, and 2XL.

How do you clean Tapout garments for men?

Most gear can be machine-washed on a cool, gentle cycle without bleach and tumble dried on a low setting. Consider air-drying the gear to minimize the possibility of shrinking. To remove any stains or spills, blot the affected area with a damp, soft cloth or apply stain remover prior to washing. Consider folding right away or hanging in a steamy room prior to wearing in order to minimize wrinkling.

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