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Tablet & eBook Reading Lights

When the backlight just isn't enough, you can use a reliable reading light with your favorite tablet or eBook. With numerous options for style, functionality, and light intensity, it's possible to find a product that fits your needs. You can expect your reading light to provide the extra illumination necessary to enjoy your favorite eBooks and tablet content anywhere.

What styles of reading lights are available?

There are a number of different styles of reading lamps you can buy to enhance your reading experience while using your tablet or eBook. One model involves an LED light attached to a flexible neck that clips to a flat surface, such as the top of an e-reader. Another style involves two lights and is worn around your neck, pointed down towards the screen in your hands. Other models are USB connected, plugging into a computer.

Can you use different devices with a reading light?

Virtually any handheld device can make use of a lamp's illumination. Both the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook are two common options. Other kinds of tablets, such as Google's Nexus line, also work well with these LED lights if you would rather not use the normal lighting levels on the device.

What are some brands of reading light?

Some of the various lighting products come from the following brands:

  • HUGlight - This brand specializes in hands-free lights worn around the neck.
  • Lightwedge - Lightwedge lamps are super bright LEDs with flexible necks that clip to a device, giving you more control over where your light is pointed.
  • LuminoLite - These products also utilize the clip-on technology and include rechargeable battery functionality.
  • Lyra Light - Made by Barnes & Noble, this lamp features a clip design with a square-shaped head fixture.
  • Kobo - These lamps clip to the top of a device. They have a wide body and a light that shines down across the screen fixed to a parallel bar.
How long is the battery life on a reading lamp?

This depends heavily on the type of lamp you own. Smaller lights often have shorter battery lives due to having less space to house batteries. Many lights will fall within the range of 10 to 50 hours of continuous lighting before dying, with different means of repowering them after that. While some will be equipped with USB connections to recharge from your computer's ports, others will take batteries (typically a lithium-button battery or other small-grade options). Additionally, bulbs may burn out over time, too.