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Frequently Asked Questions About TEAC Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders

Reel-to-reel recording is one of the earliest forms of recording. TEAC vintage tape recorders are available in a variety of styles both new and used on eBay, and each unique design provides different benefits. Each of these recorders comes with controls that can simplify sound adjustments and recordings. These portable recorders are easy to transport because of their lightweight design.

Which ports are included on the tape recorder?

A TEAC recorder will have a line-in port for audio wires. Many of these recorders will also have an output port. Both options have a spot for a left and right audio wire to produce stereo sound.

What are some available accessories for these TEAC recorders?

If a part of your TEAC machine breaks or you just want to upgrade a part or two, accessories are available on eBay. Some of the TEAC tape recorder parts and accessories you can find on eBay include:

  • Replacement cords
  • Recorder spools
  • Metal reels
  • Play heads
  • Remote controls
  • Capstan belts
  • Power cords
What are the design specs for the gauges?

On a traditional tape recorder, there are sound gauges that measure wave frequencies. The panel on a gauge is constructed out of a tough plastic material, and the meter underneath the housing is also made of plastic. Depending on the model of TEAC recorder, a light may be mounted near the panel. This low-energy light illuminates the gauge so that you can do things like adjust the sound in dimly lit environments.

What do the knobs and buttons do?

A TEAC reel-to-reel recorder will have multiple knobs, and each knob manages sound frequencies for specific tasks. The mic knob raises and lowers the volume levels during jam sessions, and the line knob and output knob manage sound frequencies. Many recorders will also have dozens of other buttons for things like programming, repeat, and sound adjustment functions.

What are the recorder track and channel options?

Different models of TEAC reel-to-reel tape recorders come with different track and channel options. For example, the TEAC A-3440 comes with four tracks and four channels. The A-3300SX-2T has two tracks. The more tracks and channels a recorder has, the more recording functions you can perform.

What does \"ips\" mean?

This is an abbreviation for \"inches per second.\" This refers to the speed at which the recorder tape is moving across the machine's heads. An ips of 15 would mean 15 inches per second. Some of the TEAC recorders available on eBay feature ips speeds of both 7.5 and 15.