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T-Mobile Cell Phone Wall and Car Charger Combos

T-Mobile Cell Phone Wall and Car Charger Combo

A cell phone cannot operate when it runs out of power. Do not lose the use of such an important mobile device due to a dead battery. A T-Mobile charger designed for a wall outlet or a power source inside a car can help keep your phone powered up.

What comes with a T-Mobile combo charger kit?

A combo kit allows you to purchase separate devices in one package. This way, you have more options in terms of where you can charge a cell phone, tablet, or another device. The combo kits include the following:

  • Wall charger: Power up the drained battery on your smartphone at home, at the office, at a coffee shop, or anywhere else you have access to a wall outlet.
  • Car charger: No reason to drive around worried about looking for a place to charge a phone. As long as the car has a port where you can plug in the end that draws power from the vehicles battery, the car charger should work.
What color selections do T-Mobile chargers come in?

Users can select from a number of different color options for a charger. Red, blue, and gray are common colors available among T-Mobile combo sets. The available variety in the choice of colors allows for picking a wall or car charger that does not clash with an interior. Instead, the charger can complement a matching color.

Can you charge multiple phones on a wall unit?

If the wall charger comes with two separate USB ports, it is possible to plug two phones into the ports and charge the devices simultaneously. The wall charger will not require any special adapters to charge two phones. Simply plug it into any normal outlet.

What types of smartphones does the charger work with?

The T-Mobile wall and car chargers come with a micro USB tip. Therefore, any smartphone made with a micro USB adapter becomes compatible. Smartphone owners choose from scores of different name brand smartphone makers. As long as the smartphone or other device charges through a micro USB port, these chargers will work regardless of the name brand. In fact, several major name brand phones can be charged with these units.

How much charging power is on these accessories?

Both the wall and car charger may come with 5V of power and 3.1 amp. This level contributes to rapid charging. If you have certain circumstances that mean you cannot wait too long for a device to charge, this feature will come in handy.

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