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T-Mobile Cell Phone Car Chargers

A Guide to Purchasing T-Mobile Cell Phone Car Chargers

Nothing is worse than leaving the house and getting in your car to drive to work or an event only to realize you forgot to charge your cell phone. If you have a T-Mobile cell phone car charger, there is no need to worry. The charger will plug right into your car and let your mobile device charge during your commute.

What types of charging cords are available?

The T-Mobile USB car charger gives you two different cable options for purchase. Whether you have an Android or an Apple device, you will be able to find a charger that works for you.

  • 3.4A Lightning charger: This cable is to be used with an Apple iPhone.
  • 3.4A Micro USB charger: This cable is to be used with a USB car charger for an Android phone.

Some T-Mobile chargers also come with a coiled USB cord. This coiled cord gives you a long reach and will also look neat and organized when you need it to. If a charger does not have a coiled cord, there are other options for cord lengths as well as some options that give you a cord clip for easy management. You will certainly be able to find a car charger for use with USB cords that will fit your needs.

Can you charge more than one phone at a time?

The great thing about some of these chargers is that there are some dual cords that have an extra USB port in addition to the cable that is already attached. This dual USB charging cord lets you charge two devices at the same time. Simply plug an additional cable into the USB port on the car charger, and you will be able to charge a second device of your choice.

Are these specific to T-Mobile devices?

While these are T-Mobile branded single and dual USB car chargers, you do not need to specifically have a T-Mobile device in order to use it. These chargers will work in any car that has an available port to plug it into, and they will work with any Apple iPhone or Android device on any network. They are universal car chargers.

What colors are these car chargers available in?

T-Mobile car chargers are offered in many different colors.

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Black paired with different bright colors
  • White paired with different bright colors
  • A variety of other solid colors (pink, purple, red, white, etc.)

No matter what your style is, youre sure to find a T-Mobile charger that will give you the statement youre looking for as well as the type of car charger you need.

How do these chargers work?

T-Mobile car chargers are plugged into the 12-volt car adapter. While your car is running, the charger will be powered on and ready to use.

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