Switched-On Schoolhouse Education Language Software

Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) provides an option for homeschool curriculum development that is Christian-based. Switched-on Schoolhouse education software's platform includes CD-ROM discs for computers and additional online resources. Valuable core subjects and lessons for grade levels 3-12, including Bible, History, Geography, Math, Language Arts, and Science, are covered in the curriculum software.

How do you customize Switched-On Schoolhouse Education curriculum?

Homeschooling provides the added benefit of a tailored student curriculum. There are three flexible ways you can customize your Switched-On Schoolhouse homeschool learning process.

  • Modify Existing Lessons: You can combine, add, and remove unit lessons and assignments directly from the platform.
  • Custom Build Curriculum: You can use lesson plans and additional Switched-On Schoolhouse learning materials to create custom lesson plans.
  • Supplement Learning: You can encourage student engagement utilizing video clips, animation features, and other additional Switched-On Schoolhouse multimedia resources.
How do you install the Switched-On Schoolhouse Education Language Software?

The software installs from the CD-ROM in a straightforward and efficient manner. The setup wizard will load and prompt you to complete the installing process after the disc is inserted. After the install completes, your homeschool program will be ready for use. If you require assistance when installing, the disc two CD-ROM contains troubleshooting tools and resources that support the Switched-On Schoolhouse installation.

What is included in Switched-On Schoolhouse Language Arts curriculum?

Core curriculum development areas, such as listening, speaking, writing, spelling, and reading, are included in Switched-On Schoolhouse Language Arts curriculum. Elementary Language Arts students have these curriculum topics integrated throughout their lessons. Older Language Arts students, middle and high school level, have focused lessons in the following areas:

  • Reading: Vocabulary, Comprehension Skills, and Literature Studies
  • Writing: Spelling, Pensmanship, Grammar, and Composition
  • Speaking, Listening and Special Topics: Visual Media, History of the English Language, Research Study Skills and more
What electives are available when using Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum?

Electives are important to the personal development of the student's interests. Switched-On Schoolhouse understands and offers various elective curriculum topic areas for grade levels 3-12. Elective topic examples include:

  • World Languages such as French and Spanish
  • Literature
  • Health
  • Business
  • History
  • Math subjects such as pre-algebra and pre-calculus
  • Science
What is included in Switched-On Schoolhouse Geography curriculum?

The Geography Curriculum is paired with history studies for grade levels 3-12. World and American geography lessons are included along with history, government and citizenship, economics, and social studies. Each subject area is taught using a Bible-based homeschool perspective.

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