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Super 8 Film Stocks

Though released by Kodak in 1965, the Super 8 camera is alive and well in the world of photography. Professional-grade movies are still shot on its film, and its vintage offerings have stood up to the test of time. A wide variety of films are available to use and enjoy.

What is Super 8 film?

Super 8 film refers to the film made and utilized by the Super 8 camera. As a particular kind of 8-millimeter film, it's readily accessible in the world of filmmaking. Logically, Super 8 stock works with the matching camera. It's prized by photographers and videographers for the images' distinctive signature look.

How do you watch Super 8 videos?

In order to view the Super 8 movie or movies you have, you’ll have to pick between several options, as listed below. While you can simply hold the stock up to a light and go through the cells, any one of these options will give you an authentic viewing experience.

  • Projectors: A compatible projector is an easy way to play back a Super 8 movie.
  • Convert to Digital: If you don't have a compatible projector, you also have the option to convert the film roll to a digital format. This can either be accomplished by conversion machinery and software or finding a service capable of doing it.
  • Specialized Viewers: Thirdly, there exist film viewers through which you can play back or edit footage. One type is a manual version that \"plays\" a movie by rolling through the film via cranking a lever. Electronic viewers also exist.
How do you store Super 8 stock?

Perhaps the most important guideline to follow when owning Super 8 stock is to keep it out of light and heat. This can apply to any number of locations in a household, but consider storing your films in a refrigerator or freezer to better keep the cells from deteriorating. If you plan on keeping your Super 8 film stock for a long time, the freezer is preferable. Keep the rolls in their packages when not in use; an additional bag over the packaging will help ward off excess moisture.

Do Super 8 and 8-millimeter movies have sound?

Whether or not the movie has sound depends on the type of film used to record it. Those that do will have a golden strip along the edge opposite the sprocket holes. Sound is still rare on Super 8 footage, albeit more common than on 8-millimeter films.