Viseras para Mazda CX-9

Mazda Sun Visors

The sun visor is a means of protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun, and it is also used for blocking out the entirety of the suns rays through the windshield of your vehicle. The sun visor is an important system feature of any Mazda, and there are two main sun visors in a Mazda vehicle. One is pre-installed above the driver and front passenger side, and the second is a portable sun visor; both are important for safety and vehicle protection.

What styles of Mazda sun visors are available?

Sun visors for the Mazda that are portable come in many styles and shapes. Almost all have a reflective surface that faces out turning the rays of the sun from the windshield. The plain styles are usually a simple silver reflective color. Some Mazda CX-9 owners and CX-9 Grand Touring owners choose messages, cartoon figures, or school and state pride symbols on the visor. Side windows also have pull-over visors. The pre-installed visor often has a lighted mirror. Many have clips available for holding sunglasses and Bluetooth device options. The Bluetooth clip allows for a hands-free experience when a phone call is necessary.

These visors can also be un-hooked and turned toward the side door windows to block a glare from the right or left. The optional portable sun visor keeps the integrity of the inside of the Mazda CX-9 intact. Sun rays can dry the seats and dash causing cracks. The visor also protects from color fading, and keeps the inside car temperature lower.

What clips are available for Mazda sun visors?

Sun visors serve a practical purpose in addition to blocking the sun. The pre-installed sun visor holds clips for various uses. One of the most useful clips will hold sunglasses for day driving. For phone usage, the visor Bluetooth clip makes driving much safer. While on, the Bluetooth clip will connect to receive and send phone calls, leaving the driver’s hands free. A new Mazda will have the Bluetooth as an incentive or as one of the Mazda CX-9 purchase deals. Clips to hold your sunglasses, devices, or phone adds to the perks of the sun visor.

How is a sun visor made?

Installed driver and passenger sun visors are usually made from press board for flexibility and are lightweight. A piece of metal runs the top of the visor to keep it installed on the clips. The portable sun visor is made of aluminum, foam, or a reflective polyester film. If the visor isnt reflective, it wont protect your car from an increase in temperature. Designs include accordion fold-out, roll up, or remote controlled.