Stationary Automotive Air Compressors

These stationary automotive air compressors are a great way to make sure that you have the air you need to inflate auto tires, remove lug nuts, and paint cars with precision. Automotive air compressors are designed and built by a number of companies offering a wide variety of types, and which you use depends on the work you need to do. These machines can be tremendous time savers.

Whats the difference between these and portable air compressors?

The main difference is that stationary air compressors are not easily moved around and are usually mounted in a permanent location. Portable units can be wheeled or carried to other locations. The more permanent compressors typically offer faster performance and more force.

Which companies manufacture stationary air compressors?

A wide variety of companies make compressors that will meet your expectations. There are many available, but some of the more commonly seen manufacturers include the following:

  • ARB
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • EMAX
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Quincy
Can you find a variety of tank sizes?

Air compressors come with a number of different sized tanks. The larger tanks will give you more PSI pressure, which lets you air up your tires faster and more efficiently. Smaller tanks on these compressors range from a half-gallon to more powerful 5-gallon units.

If youre purchasing an automotive air compressor to perform regular maintenance, repairs, or installations, you may want to consider purchasing one of the larger sizes. The range of available tank sizes include 60 gallons, 80 gallons, and even as much as 120 gallons in capacity.

What power sources are available for air compressors?

The three primary power sources for compressors used to work on autos include hard-wired, battery operated, and those that plug into an outlet. The hard-wired option is the most permanent because as the name implies, the unit is hard-wired into the electrical system of your home through the electrical panel in your home or garage. If you choose this option, it’s wise to have a professional electrician handle the installation. This is the optimal choice if you expect to do large jobs requiring long-term use of the unit.

Battery-operated units perform well for smaller jobs that don’t take long, such as topping off the air in your car’s tires.

Compressors that take power from an external outlet are a common choice because they offer mobility and force. These include units that plug into a wall socket as well as some models that plug into your car’s 12-volt accessory outlet. These units last longer than battery-operated units and are up to moderate jobs such as inflating a flat tire.