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Protect Your iPhone 6 Plus With Speck

Speck sells a range of drop-resistant cases designed to protect the iPhone 6 Plus and other Apple iPhones so next time your phone slips from your grip and hits the ground, you don't have to panic that it could be damaged. Compatible models include the CandyShell, MightyShell, and GammaShell cases, each of which offers several variants as far as features and colors. These cases meet or exceed the military drop-testing standards for device protectors.

What are the features of the CandyShell Apple iPhone case?

In addition to military-grade drop protection, the CandyShell case is a patented one-piece design with several layers of protection. This slim-fit case features raised bezels to prevent the screen from breaking if the iPhone is dropped. The ports, cameras, and buttons are all protected and easily accessible when the CandyShell case is in use.

What variants of the CandyShell case are available?

Speck sells several different models of the CandyShell case, including the following:

  • Clear - a completely transparent case that resists yellowing from the sun's rays
  • Grip - has raised rubber ridges to prevent the phone from slipping from your grasp
  • Inked - designed with bright patterns that resist scratching and fading
  • Card - features a wallet slot designed to securely hold cash and up to three credit cards
  • Wrap - includes a flip-up cover for 360-degree device protection that prevents the iPhone screen from being damaged in a pocket or bag
What is the MightyShell phone case?

This durable Apple iPhone case has double the drop protection required by military standards, making it an ideal choice for those who often use their phones in rugged conditions. Its three-layer design is constructed to absorb shock and disperse impact while providing a secure grip. The MightyShell is available in several color combinations, including Carrot Orange and Speck Blue, Black and Gravel Grey, White and Charcoal Grey, Fuchsia Pink and Cupcake Pink, and Heather Purple and Aloe Green. You can also opt for a version of the MightyShell with an integrated faceplate; this feature can also be added to certain CandyShell cases.

What is the GammaShell iPhone 6 Plus case?

The GammaShell iPhone case enhances the design of the brand's other iPhone 6 Plus cases with an impact-absorbing foam core. This is covered by a hard polycarbonate layer that disperses impact to prevent damage. This case is available in black and white.

What is the Speck iPhone 6 Plus Faceplate?

This feature can be added to most Speck iPhone Apple cases, offering double the military standard for shatter protection. The durable, five-layer faceplate prevents the glass screen from breaking in the event of a direct impact. The faceplate accessory is engineered to provide a compatible fit with Speck iPhone cases.

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