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Keep Your Device Safe With a Silicone Bumper Phone Case

A bumper case for your phone has a raised edge that goes all the way around the screen, so it can keep the screen from hitting a surface if you drop your device. Whether you want to protect your phone from accidental falls or just want to change up its look, silicone bumper cases are an option to consider. Phone cases come in many colors and offer a variety of logos and patterns.

What are the types of rubber bumper cases for phones?

Silicone is a versatile material, so there are many types of rubber phone cases available.

  • Traditional cover: The traditional design is a slightly stretchy rubber case that covers the entire back of the phone and stretches to fit along the outer edge of the device.
  • Snap-on cover: This type of case has two parts that snap over the front and back of the phone while leaving the screen covered.
  • Full body cover: These stretch over both the front and back of the phone, so they cover the entire device. The front of the case is clear and is designed to transfer finger movements to the screen.
  • Extra bumper cases: These phone cases also have a raised bumper on each corner to further absorb shock during a fall.
What features are available with rubber cases for cell phones?

When shopping for a rubber phone case, there are a range of features to choose from:

  • Kickstand: Cases with this feature have a small stand that you can flip out to prop the phone up while it sits on a flat surface.
  • Card pocket: This style has a small pocket to hold bills or credit cards.
  • Photo lens: Rubber phone cases with an external photo lens will provide more options for photography.
  • Clip-on: These options let you clip the phone to a belt or pocket.
  • Strap: A strap allows you to loop the case around your wrist or over you shoulder, depending on the length.
What is the difference between rubber and silicone cases?

The same type of bumper case is often called rubber or silicone, but these two phrases are technically different. Silicone is a type of elastomer that is very thin and stretchable. It can also stand up to heat. Rubber is slightly less stretchy than silicone, and rubber phone cases tend to be thicker and stiffer than silicone ones.

How do you clean a silicone case?

To clean the protective case, first remove it from your phone. Gently wash it with water and a mild soap. You can use a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol to lift away any remaining grease or stains. Once the phone case is clean, pat dry and then allow it to thoroughly air dry before putting it back on your phone.