Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S7

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone is an important tool. A screen protector is an accessory that helps you protect that tool over the long-term. There are many different brands and accessories available for screen protection, and you can choose the look and feel that suits you and your device.

What is a screen protector and which types are available?

The screen on your S7 or S7 Edge has to stand up to a lot, including your touch, abrasion from pockets, and even the occasional drop. Protectors are designed to avoid permanent wear while not interfering with a clear view and other aspects of usability. Protectors for the S7 are specific to this phone series, and the materials used include:

  • PET film
  • Tempered glass
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU
Are screen protectors scratch-proof?

These products are scratch-resistant but generally not scratch-proof. Shields made from glass, for instance, are difficult to scratch, but it can still happen depending on the circumstances. The purpose of these items is to protect your Samsung screen and not themselves, and when such imperfections do occur, that’s just your protector doing what it was designed for and the reason you purchased it.

How is protector thickness a factor for Galaxy phones?

It’s not as simple as the thicker the protector, the greater the protection. After all, different materials have different strengths. TPU, for instance, will provide greater protection than PET film at the same thickness. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to get TPU as thin as PET film can get, and thickness can affect feel and responsiveness when you interact with your Galaxy.

What’s the difference between plastic and tempered glass?

Protectors made from tempered glass are made of the same materials your Galaxy screen is made from. The advantage here is not just scratch-resistance but overall durability. With proper care and a little luck, a tempered glass protector can last as long as your phone does. They key here is to get them thin enough not to interfere with usability.

Are screen protectors for the Galaxy S7 removable?

Yes. You can reasonably expect the majority of screen protectors for all Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones to be removable. After all, the purpose of these products is to take the scratches so that your device doesn’t and to be discardable once damage affects usability or becomes unsightly. The damaged protector can be removed to make way for a new one.

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