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Choosing Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone cases

Samsung cases for Galaxy Note phones defend your device against fumbles and tumbles. Snug-fitting covers with precision-cut holes allow you to navigate your cell with ease. From folios to clip-on designs, Samsung offers a variety of cases to fit your needs.

What types of Samsung Galaxy Note cases are available?

There are many cases to choose fromsome allow you to show the phones design, others provide 360-degree protection. Options range from slim profiles to rugged construction. Here's a sampling of the kinds of cases you can expect to find.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Folio: This case resembles a wallet. A closed case provides full protection. Most models offer space for credit cards and cash.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Back Case: This durable shell fits the rear of the device, leaving the front unprotected. You will find some styles that also shield the sides.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Full Case: A complete cover protects the back and sides with hard plastic. Some units feature textured patterns to improve the grip. Openings for the controls allow you to control the audio and camera. It features a clear screen protector on the face for easy access.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Clear Case: This transparent case is slim, light, and barely noticeable. It offers protection from scratches and dirt without masking your cell phone's design.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Armor Case: These rugged units are made of a combination of materials, including polycarbonate and impact-resistant rubber. They meet military standards and offer five layers of security. Besides the armor frame, they have a shock-resistant core. You will find models with clip-on designs and built-in kickstands.
What materials are used for Samsung Galaxy Note cases?

Samsung Galaxy Note cases are made of various materials to provide varying levels of protection. Materials like silicone guard your device from chips and scratches. Some cases are constructed from military-grade materials. Youll find the most widely used textiles below.

  • Silicone is a dense, rubber-like substance that wards off nicks and bumps.
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) resembles plastic and is available in soft and hard forms.
  • Polycarbonate is a thick, strong compound that can withstand the force of a bullet.
  • Alacantra is a stain-resistant material that looks and feels like suede. It is composed of polyester and polyurethane.
  • Military-grade rubber can endure drops from six feet.
What are some features of Galaxy Note cases?

Not all Galaxy Note cases have the same features. Standard cases may have openings for buttons and ports, or the keys may have a thin covering. Premium cases offer more options. They may have a viewer, kickstand, or a textured grip.

  • Viewer: With this type of case, you can access information and accept calls with a swipe. Generally, you will notice this type of shield on full protectors and folio cases.
  • Kickstand: This part allows you to watch hands-free videos. It either folds back on folio cases or lifts from the rear on other models.
  • Textured Grip: A raised surface keeps the phone from slipping out of sweaty palms.