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Explore Your Options for Sidi Men's Cycling Shoes

Sidi crafts a wide variety of affordable cycling shoes for men. These shoes are designed to withstand the normal rigors of cycling on an array of different terrains and in various weather conditions. You can use eBay and its helpful search tools to explore options for Sidi cycling shoes.

How do you choose a shoe width?

Sidi cycling shoes can be divided into size categories according to their width. A cycling shoe with the proper width should allow your feet to rest comfortably in the shoes without feeling any undue pressure at the sides. Most shoes use a letter system to give you an estimate of their width. Common choices you can make in this category include:

  • Narrow:Shoes with C or B lettering.
  • Standard: Shoes with D or M lettering.
  • Wide: Shoes with E lettering or EE for extra wide.
Sidi cycling shoe accessories

Many of the cycling shoes you will find on eBay come with different options for their accessories. All options can be useful and will depend on your needs and personal preferences. Some of the common accessory options you will come across are:

  • Fasteners: You can choose how you would like to fasten your Sidi cycling shoes to your feet. Standard options here include buckles that you will pull the laces through, and hooks and loops you will use tighten the shoes.
  • Cleats: Some of these shoes have options for attaching cleats to the soles for added traction or stability if you wish. Most Sidi shoes can use two-point or three-point cleats.
Cycling shoes by condition

You can find a huge selection of affordable Sidi cycling shoes in different conditions. You may wish to choose a brand new pair of cycling shoes, but different kinds of pre-owned Sidi shoes are available on eBay as well. The shoes are categorized according to the specific aspects of their condition. Note that any used shoes should still function adequately for your cycling needs. Some common categories from which you can choose are:

  • New: New Sidi cycling shoes usually fall into one of two subcategories. Brand new shoes will include all the original packaging and papers. However, you can also buy new shoes that do not include the box.
  • Pre-owned: Used cycling shoes are still functional and should work adequately for you. However, they may not include the original packaging. You may notice slight cosmetic blemishes as well.
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