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Fix Your Apple Device With a Replacement Back Cover

Replacement back covers support a variety of mobile devices and offer different protective features. Depending on the product that the replacement cover is going on, there may be a range of aesthetic designs available, which can help you in a pinch just in case your cover becomes cracked or broken and you need it repaired ASAP. Products may have designs that contain branding and resemble the original back cover of the device.

What types of devices are supported?

Several different device types are supported including music players and phones. Among the individual product families, multiple generations and models may also be supported. If two generations of a product share the same dimensions and design characteristics, the same replacement back cover would be functional with either device. However, this type of compatibility is not available for all product generations. Products are designed for devices of different storage capacities within the same generation. Some products contain labels of storage capacity. Covers may have options for the storage capacity of the device they are designed to protect.

What are some of the aesthetic designs available?

Replacement covers feature multiple designs with some containing a single color and others incorporating multiple colors. Back facings may have a glossy metallic finish that reflects light. Other products contain nonreflective matte finishes. In some instances, back covers are bundled with front covers. Front covers do not contain glossy finishes so that users are not exposed to excessive glare when using the device. Colors used on the front-facing cover and back cover may differ from each other. Finishing options vary depending on the type of device that the replacement cover is for. Brand names, as well as device specifications like storage capacity, may be listed on the back covers. The product specifications reflect the device that the cover is designed for. Some products contain no branding or specifications. Among the colors offered in this collection of products are:

  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Blue
Do the covers offer protective features?

The products available offer some protective features. They have mild bump resistance and protect against the entry of dust and debris into the device. Proper installation ensures a tight fit to prevent entry of foreign materials. Some products contain enhanced protection through the use of thicker exterior walls. These walls may be made of metal blends that provide additional resistance to shocks and drops other than their plastic counterparts. These products are available in select instances for specific mobile devices. For devices that contain buttons on their sides and cameras on their backing, covers contain cutouts so those features remain fully functional.

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