Refrigerators are among some of the most common kitchen appliances. The purpose of a fridge is to store perishable items in a climate controlled space that remains just outside of freezing temperatures. By doing this, the longevity of those items is lengthened significantly.

What should you consider when choosing a refrigerator?

As far as style or model goes, that is purely a matter of preference. Whether you are looking for a mini-fridge for drinks or an oversized side-by-side, there are many styles or models to choose from.

Before purchasing a refrigerator, you will want to measure the space where you intend to put it. This includes both width and depth. It is important to note that you may need an extra inch or two in order to accommodate the doors opening. Also consider the width of your doorways to make sure you can get the appliance in and out of your home.

What are the differences in refrigerator styles?

There are several various types of fridges. A French door refrigerator has two doors that are opened by centrally located handles. This style of refrigerator can have a freezer drawer located beneath the fridge portion. This would make it a bottom-freezer refrigerator as well. It can also be side-by-side. This means the freezer is on one side and the fridge is on the other. It is also possible to get a freezer-less appliance.

What color options are available in a refrigerator?

Refrigerators are available in a number of different colors and styles. Vintage models from the 1950s are more rounded and come in pastel colors. Pink, mint green, light blue, and pale yellow were traditional colors from this time. It is possible to find a number of companies that offer these same colors in retro designs. Refrigerators from the 1970s came in colors like avocado, burnt orange, and mustard yellow. These colors are less available. Modern refrigerator colors are more neutral, with black, white, eggshell, and stainless silver as the most commonly found options. Some red and royal blue colors of refrigerators do exist on the market today.

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