Drivers Find Rand McNally GPS Very Helpful in Route Negotiation

The advancement of GPS systems since their inception into the market has been extraordinary, so it sometimes seems hard to believe we traveled so many years without it. On eBay, a reasonably priced Rand McNally GPS is offered in a wide variety of model sizes, features, and applications availability. Customers interested in an affordable McNally GPS on eBay can view Rand McNally GPS reviews, Rand McNally GPS customer service information, product prices, conditions of used units, unit specs and descriptions, and much more with a quick search on the site.

What is OverDryve Rand McNally GPS?

Randall McNally features award-winning navigation models such as the Rand McNally GPS OverDryve 8 that are car GPS devices. OverDryve is the car tablet enabling the user to talk, navigate, text, and more. Users can stream audiobooks, podcasts, and music on OverDryve and hear them through the car's stereo speakers. If you have MP3 files, you can use an SD card or USB and load them onto OverDryve. It also comes with a built-in DashCam. When not in use on the road, OverDryve can be the user's everyday Rand McNally tablet when the user is outside the car.

Are there specific Rand McNally GPS for truckers?

Yes, a good variety in fact. When doing a specific search for Rand McNally truckers GPS on eBay, searchers can narrow down the field by looking at more specific Rand McNally truck GPS listings. Outside of simply inputting Rand McNally GPS, they can narrow it down to more specific models. Here, they can try searching the following:

  • Rand McNally GPS 720 for sale
  • Rand McNally GPS 730
  • Rand McNally 740
Are there differences between car and truck GPS?

Yes, there certainly are. There are numerous differences between devices for use in cars and for commercial vehicles. Among the many include software, processing power, and data relevant only to trucks, such as bridge weight and shipping restrictions. Truck GPS provides routes optimal for trucks and take into consideration such factors as the need to fuel the truck, avoiding certain roadways and hazards, and driver rest at certain intervals. Some GPS devices link to external Wi-Fi and are capable of analyzing and displaying local fuel, food, and motel prices along the way and whether businesses have truck parking. Some can also keep long-term logs, and some can provide fleet owners with information on what the truck is really doing out on the trips.

Are there both dash-mounted and removable Rand McNally GPS?

Yes. These come in different screen sizes and functionality in different models for cars, trucks, and RVs. See the manufacturer site for details. It's worth looking into details and specs of several different models to determine which GPS suits the driver's needs the most.

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