Some Common Questions About RAM GPS Holders and Mounts

If you need a mount and holder to use a hands-free GPS device in your car, consider a RAM Mount product as they are designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles and mobile devices. These mounts and holders can be used to position smartphones, GPS units, or tablets with mounts on your windshield or dash. RAM mounts can be found at an affordable price on eBay.

How do you choose a RAM Mount product?

There are few different factors to know before buying one of these mounted holders.

  • Your device: Holders are designed for most devices. Find one designed to fit the type you have.
  • Mounting location: Decide where you'd prefer to mount your device.
  • Type of holder: There are arms that swivel in three dimensions and simple mounting plates to consider.
What are the ways these holders can be mounted?

The mounts come in several different styles that include both the place the mount is attached to your car and the way arms or devices can be attached to the mount. Some mounts come with a ball joint for attaching arms and others have plates that electronics can be mounted on. Mounts are designed to attach to windshields, dashboards, handlebars, and even inserts that fit between seats.

What types of RAM Mount products are available?

These holders come designed to securely hold devices of many sizes to accommodate the variety of mobile electronics that can be used in your car for navigation or other purposes. Below is a list of some of the types of holders available.

  • Smartphone holders: These holders are adjustable to fit the range of smartphone sizes that you might use for navigation.
  • Tablet holders: Tablet holders are like smartphone holders, but they can fit much larger devices.
  • GPS unit holders: These holders usually come with a mounting plate that a GPS unit can be mounted on with hardware.
  • Camera mounts: There are also mounts for placing cameras inside your car for monitoring or security.
What is a GPS holder?

GPS holders and mounts are designed to solve the problem of using GPS units or other handheld electronic devices while you drive a vehicle. They generally mount onto the inside of your windshield using suction cups or sit on your dashboard using suction cups, friction mounts, or adhesives. The mounts are designed sometimes to attach an arm that allows you more freedom when positioning a device for a better view.

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