RAM Car GPS Mounts for Lowrance for Hands-Free GPS Action

If you want to make sure that you know exactly where you're going while you bounce down backroads in your Dodge RAM, you might want to invest in one of the Lowrance RAM mounts in this collection from eBay. There are a variety of different Lowrance RAM mount styles to choose from, so you should review these informative questions and answers before you decide which type is right for you.

Which Lowrance GPS models are these mounts made for?

It's easy to find the GPS mounting devices that you need on eBay. There are mounting devices for practically every model of Lowrance GPS as well as for the variety of different uses someone may need these mounts for. Here are some examples of the models for which mounts are offered:

  • Airmap 600C iFinder
  • Elite-5
  • H20 C
  • PhD Plus
  • iWay
What different types of mounts are available?

A variety of different mount styles are offered for your RAM. Each style connects to a different part of your truck, and each type has various benefits. Some examples of the different mount types that are offered include:

  • Suction cup mounts: These mounts have suction cups on their bottoms. Unlike normal suction cups, these mounts come with components that create perfect vacuum seals.
  • Dash mounts: These mounts are designed to be mounted directly on your dashboard. They have flat surfaces that are equipped with heavy-duty adhesive strips.
  • Flat surface mounts: These types of mounts can be attached to any flat surface. They have small adhesive strips on the bottom, and they can go on your dash or windshield.
  • Ball mounts: These mounts are designed to for use with Lowrance GPS units that have ball sockets. They consist of flat plates that have protuberances on top that look similar to ball hitches.
How do you pick the right mount?

You'll need to consider a couple of factors as you pick out the right mount for your RAM. First, you'll need to make sure that the device you're interested in is compatible with your model of Lowrance GPS device. From there, you'll need to figure out which mount style is right for your situation. If you want to have your GPS closer to your face while you're driving, a windshield-mounted suction cup model might be best, but if you want your GPS to be in a cradle near your hands while they're on the steering wheel, a dash mount holder could be a more suitable choice.