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Get Precise Readings With Industrial R-22 Refrigerant and HVAC Gauges

If you have to work regularly with highly pressurized liquids or gases, a proper R22 refrigerant reader can help you take accurate readings and possibly prevent leaks in the system. Understanding the various types of R22 pieces you can get and how they function will help you find the right set of tools for your needs. You'll find both new and pre-owned equipment related to r22 refrigerant for sale at inexpensive prices on eBay.

Types of R22 refrigerant equipment available

R22 refrigerant replacement readers are available in different types to suit your needs or preferences. All types perform similar functions, and the kind you get will depend on the tasks you do. Some of the most common types of R22 refrigerant readers you'll find are:

  • Full sets - Full R22 refrigerant sets typically include a manifold, some hoses, and the gauge or reader you will use.
  • Hoses - You can also choose to purchase R22 refrigerant replacement hoses or hose sets. Hose sets such as those made by Yellow Jacket might include blue, red, and yellow hoses.
  • Vacuum pump - Complete r410a vacuum pump kits are available for purchase. These r410a refrigerant pumps are usually lightweight and include PSI measurements.
Main features of R22 refrigerant gauges

All R22 refrigerant gauges you will find on eBay can give you readings, but some of the models contain extra features you might find useful in your work. Some of the main features you can choose from are:

  • Wireless - An R22 gauge with wireless features can connect to a network to send or receive data you might need without unnecessary physical connectors. You can also store this data for later use.
  • Digital - Many R22 gauges can provide you with digital readouts of the pressure and other information you might use, thanks to sophisticated electronics. These gauges might also feature digital interfaces you can use with the touch of a button.
  • Manual - Manual R22 refrigerant replacement gauges use standard needles and dials to give you a reading.
How do you choose a gauge fill for R22 refrigerant gauges?

There are two main types of new or pre-owned R22 refrigerant gauges you will come across, and both of them can serve your needs, depending on the specifications you have. They are:

  • Dry - Dry pressure gauges are often the standard type you can purchase and might be a good choice when working with lower pressures.
  • Liquid - The casings in these R22 gauges are filled with a fluid. This fluid coats the internal parts of the gauge to lessen the effects of pressure spikes.