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Choosing and Working With Quilting Kits

Quilt kits skip the laborious steps of researching patterns and deciding on the right materials. Instead, you get to hop right into the fun part of making a quilt right away. There are all sorts of designs and sizes of quilt kits available, so you can pick out the ideal kit for your needs.

What are the easiest types of quilt kits?

If you want something simple and fast, look for designs that use large pieces of fabric arranged in a clear pattern. Something like a nine patch quilt that just involves assembling square pieces can be put together without any confusion or an excessive amount of time.

How do vintage quilt kits compare to modern ones?

The first thing you will notice if you pick an antique quilt kit is the difference in instructions. Many older kits have less detailed instructions, since they assume the user was familiar with sewing. In many cases, there is not much of a difference in patterns, since many modern quilt kits follow historic designs. However, antique kits will not have any of the quirkier or more abstract designs found in modern quilt kits. Another thing to keep in mind is that fabrics may be different in vintage quilt kits. Antique kits may have prints that are no longer commonly produced today. Just keep in mind that it is possible for fabric to discolor over time.

Should you get a pre-cut quilt kit?

Generally, pre-cut quilt kits will save you quite a bit of time, since you do not have to handle all the tiny pieces yourself. They can be great for new quilters because they reduce the risk of miscutting pieces. Just keep in mind that pre-cut kits have less customization, since you cannot switch up the colors used for certain shapes. Pre-cut kits may also cost slightly more due to the additional effort made by the manufacturer.

What's the difference between full kits and block kits?

Generally, a full quilting kit contains all the materials and instructions you need to produce a full quilt from top to bottom. Meanwhile, block kits just have enough materials to produce a single quilt block. Block kits can work well for times when you just want to create a single block and then combine it with other quilters' work. Another perk of block kits is that you can start with beginner blocks that are easy to put together and then progress to more advanced blocks to finish your quilt as you become more confident.