Powermat Cell Phone Chargers and Cradles

Powermat uses wireless charging technology to charge a variety of cellular devices. With options for the home, business, and portable models, USB charging cables can be a thing of the past. Charging a device is as simple as placing it on the mat and waiting for it to complete.

How does the Powermat work?

Powermat uses induction technology for wireless charging of a variety of devices. The mat contains a USB port that is plugged into a power source and then transfers charge to a device’s battery. Each Powermat unit contains a magnet that transfers electromagnetic current. This magnet must be placed in contact with a magnetic area either on the device, or connected to it, to be charged. Through this contact, the mat restores battery power and eliminates the excessive cables used to charge phones and other electronics traditionally.

What can the Powermat charge?

The mat is capable of providing wireless charge for a variety of iPhones and other smartphones. It is compatible with phones that have built-in wireless charging capabilities and is also built to charge any phone with a micro USB port. If your phone does not have built-in wireless charging capabilities, simply plug it into an adapter built for your device.

How do you use the Powermat at businesses like Starbucks?

Using the Powermat at a public business enabled with the technology is simple. If your iPhone or other smartphone has built-in wireless charging, simply set your phone on the Powermat circle and wait for it to restore full power. If your cell phone does not have built-in wireless charging but has a micro USB, you may purchase a Powermat ring that is designed to work with the technology. Simply choose an iPhone or Android ring and plug it into your phone’s charge port. Line up the ring with the charging circle at the participating business and your phone’s battery will begin charging.

How do the adapters work?

The at-home wireless chargers are capable of charging hundreds of electronic items that do not charge wirelessly by themselves. There are a number of adapter tips available that are designed to function with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Sony, and a variety of other manufacturers. These tips allow electronics to be connected to the Powermat power cube. This cube may then be placed on the charging mat and the attached device may be placed on top of the cube. Because the power cube is universal, as long as the cube itself is plugged into the device, it will begin to charge.