An AM and FM Radio Headset for Portable Tunes

An AM and FM radio headset can provide you with hours of hands-free entertainment for years to come. You'll be able to listen to all your favorite stations while jogging, working, or relaxing. You'll find many different models on eBay for budgets of all sizes.

What updated design features do AM and FM headphones have?

You'll find that modern AM and FM headsets provide you with comfort and versatility. Many designs have omitted the need for separate headphones and devices and have streamlined the product into one piece. This means that you'll be able to control the headphones right on your ears. The controls have also been designed to find stations quickly and easily. Preset stations are also available on most models. The comfort has also been improved with softer material used for the portion surrounding the ears.

What are some optional features that are available?

Digital displays are always a nice feature that allow for easier tuning. Some brands make models for children which are more durable and have smaller ear covers. Special editions and styles are also offered by many brands. Bluetooth capability is a feature that allows you to connect your mobile device with the headphones to make and receive calls right from the device. Stereo quality sound and noise reduction are available with many models to give you great sound without unnecessary disruptions.

How do these headphones compare with an MP3 player?

Unlike MP3 players, you don't have to purchase or load your music onto the device. They also typically consume less power and have a longer battery life than an MP3 player. With an AM and FM radio headset, you'll be able to listen to all your favorite music without having to pay for a subscription or individual MP3 files. This means you'll have more music, news, and sports right at your disposal.

What AM and FM radio headset brands are available?

The pricing and recommendations of AM and FM radio headset brands all depend upon which features you're looking for. With many brands offering more than one model, you'll find that checking customer reviews on each model is advantageous. Some of the brands that may be offered on eBay include:

  • Pyle Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  • RadioShack AM/FM Stereo Headset Radio
  • Stanley RST-63012 Sync Radio Hearing Protector with Digital AM/FM
  • Howard Light by Honeywell 1010390 Hi-Vis Radio
  • M TEKK WorkTunes Hearing Protector with AM/FM Tuner