Features of Pink Bumper Cases for the iPhone 6

A slim bumper cover discreetly provides protection while also offering a touch of style. Because the cover is slim and clear, displaying your iPhone's original design is still possible. Protecting your screen and inner workings of the phone are equally important.

What features does this pink bumper offer?

Even though the appearance of this bumper cover is slim, the flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) technology coupled with the clear polycarbonate back panel work together to offer a protective layer to your iPhone 6. The buttons on your phone are also offered protection by this bumper because of the raised edges on both front and back of this cover.

What phones can fit in this cover?

This bumper case fits an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPhone 6s Plus. It snaps securely around your iPhone 6 model providing a continuously snug fit.

What are some benefits of the Pink Bumper for iPhone?

The bumper of this pink iPhone 6 case comes with a variety of features. They include:

  • Body protector: The air-cushion technology helps protect your phone when dropped to avoid damage like cracks or internal malfunctions. This TPU technology helps the phone bounce when dropped instead of taking on the full brunt of the impact. This is especially beneficial for anyone who is always on the go.
  • Lightweight: Minimizing extra weight in your pockets or purse is a plus for many people. This case is lightweight yet provides a protective layer to your phone. This bumper case allows you to have a protective layer while also being able to see your phone in its entirety.
  • Screen protector: Your iPhone screen is likely the most delicate part of the phone. The included clear high-definition screen protector helps prevent scratches. If a hard object comes into contact with the screen, the screen protector will take the impact instead of it going directly to the screen itself. It is also easy to apply.
  • Raised edges: The raised edges around the front and back of these iPhone 6 bumper cases prevent scratches to the screen when laying it flat on any surface. Although laying the phone flat seems like a harmless thing to do, it is one of the most common ways to scratch the screen of your phone. In time, these screen scratches can impact the way your pictures and videos are viewed on your phone as well as your swiping ability on the touchscreen.
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