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Philips AVENT Electric Breast Pumps

When you choose to breast-feed your baby, you may want to have an electric breast pump on hand. Philips AVENT electric breast pumps help you pump and save your milk for later.

Should you get a single or double AVENT breast pump?

When choosing whether to buy a single or double breast pump, you will need to think about your comfort levels and how you plan to use your breast pump. It's a good idea to ask yourself, how long are you going to be away from your baby and how much preparation time you have before you head out? A double breast pump will allow you to pump simultaneously so you can get milk out of both breasts at the same time. A single will allow for pumping and feeding at the same time, and as it is smaller, it is more portable. Both breast pumps also allow for manual conversion.

How do you assemble a Philips AVENT breast pump?

The breast pump has been created with easy-to-assemble parts and a design that allows for visual assembly of parts. These tips may help you understand the process:

  1. Begin by inserting the white valve into the pump body from underneath.
  2. Screw the pump body onto the bottle.
  3. Place the diaphragm into the top of the pump body.
  4. Place the massage cushion inside the cone-shaped section of the pump body.
  5. Plug the A/C adapter into the wall and into the machine, unless you plan on using manual.
  6. Secure the silicone tube and cap to the diaphragm.
  7. Insert your breast. You are now ready to begin pumping.
How do you clean a Philips AVENT electric breast pump?

Begin by disassembling all parts. You may clean parts in either the dishwasher using the top rack or by using hot water and mild detergent. The following parts should be cleaned before each use: barrier, pump body, massage cushion, white valve, cover, Philips AVENT natural bottle, dome cap, screw ring, nipple, and sealing disc.

How do you store milk after expressing with a pump?

If you don't plan to feed your child immediately after expressing milk, you can store your milk. You can use either a Philips AVENT bottle or Philips AVENT storage cup to store expressed milk. You should refrigerate or freeze milk immediately after expressing until your child is ready for a feeding. Breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours and in the freezer for up to three months.

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