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Make the ASUS VivoBook Your Next Laptop

The ASUS VivoBook is designed to pack a lot of memory in its small size. Several models of this type of laptop computer are available either for auction or for instant purchase on eBay.

How powerful is the RAM on an ASUS VivoBook laptop?

The ASUS VivoBook boasts 8GB of RAM memory. Consumers should not confuse RAM GB with HDD GB. HDD GB refers to the amount of storage space that exists on the computer's hard drive. Located in the motherboard, RAM -- otherwise known as Random Access Memory -- allows users to access their programs and applications without delay. Having 8GB of RAM can be a significant enough amount of memory to enable you to run many programs and functions simultaneously.

Is the ASUS VivoBook considered a compact laptop?

The screen sizes of the VivoBook laptop do vary, but most of them fall under the description of a small-sized notebook. Finding affordable 14-inch and 15.6-inch screens is not uncommon on eBay, and you can purchase 11-inch screens as well. Screen size isn't the only compact feature of a VivoBook. The manufacturing of the laptops presents a thin design. The devices are also quite light in weight. The typical laptop weight logs in the 3.7-pound range on many models.

Certain models are large enough to house two hard drives. A for-sale eBay model may note that it offers two hard drives. One drive may be a solid state drive (SSD) and the other may be a more traditional hard disk drive (HDD). The SSD usually comes with 16GB of space while the HDD presents 1TB of space.

What input ports exist on the VivoBook?

Input ports make it possible to connect additional devices to a computer. The VivoBook comes with no shortage of available inputs. Attaching multiple devices, and a multitude of different devices, is possible thanks to the following port options:

  • USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1
  • HDMI
How does the fingerprint reader on the VivoBook work?

The fingerprint sensor built into the design of the ASUS VivoBook adds another layer of security to the laptop. If you are concerned about hacking and other issues, you might find this feature a desirable alternative to typing an alpha-numeric password each time you log in. With a fingerprint sensor, a backup exists for forgotten passwords. The sensor reads a fingerprint to determine an authorized user. Logging the fingerprint requires only a few steps in "settings."

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